skinny broomstick club 31st oct

make mine a big treat - preferably a family sized bag - remember them!

Have a good day


  • Sorry, so tired couldnt see this
    have a good day, all
  • boing
  • a4 mile slow run
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Morning all, or morning Benz anyway if you're the only one awake. Hope your night wasn't too bad with the inappropriate phone calls and so on.

    Very nice evening yesterday, we went to a new, very classy Turkish restaurant for anniversary dinner. If I go for a brisk 20 miles later I might burn most of the calories off :-). Realistically I might manage a sluggish six miles, but it's the best I can do.

    Hope you had a good birthday Maccy, if I've got the days straight (working unnaturally hard recently, I'm supposed to watch other people work, not do it myself).

    EP, the only reason I was lurking around here till about 7pm yesterday was because my wife's train was delayed coming back from London.

    Hope everyone is feeling fit and motivated today!
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Morning oh evil one. I'm very impressed by all this running in the wet enthusiasm. Always liked running in the rain myself, but we all know how sad I am.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Same with me really. I have to get up at 6.15 in the morning to get to work, and never get back before 7.30 in the evening, so if I wuss out because of the wet I don't get out at all.

    2.10 is a great target - certainly what I will be aiming for early next year.
  • Redhead - Bury black pudding, fresh off the market,fried in beef dripping for breakfast?

    All - hope the thought of the above is sufficient to put you off gorging today, have a good one :-)
  • Hi All

    Quick post before I get back to the grind stone.

    The diet fairy visited me last night and STOLE 2lbs. Am 11st dead. I'm not celebrating yet as diet goblin will probably bung it back on tonight:-)

    I'm going to be extra careful tonight and see if I can keep it off.

    11 miler on sunday so that should knock a hole in it.

    Fingers crossed for Sassie.

    Talk later
  • Morning all – Hope every one is well

    Have just gotten back from my hols and now back to work

    I’ve put on 6lb (now 14st 9lb and 21% body fat) to much beer and too many messa’s I’m thinking

    Also I have done my back in – big style – suffering major pain when I sit or lie down, on Diclofenac Sodium (you don’t need prescriptions in Cyprus) until I get to see my osteopath tomorrow afternoon with any luck he will sort me out - as I’m hoping to kick off my new training program on Monday

  • Oh I've just posted on the other fat club thread - DUH! Sorry to hear about your back WW - hope it's better soon.
    JJ - good girl - wish 2lbs would fall off me!
    Sassie - good luck for today!
    Right I'm outta here for a run... dunno how far yet.. I'll tell you when I get back!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    A triumph for us fatties at the gym today. I had just started my run on the treadmill when 2 of the beautiful people (you know, the ones with immaculate makeup and earrings!) came on the treadmills next to me. They glanced at me in a condescending sort of way and I smiled sweetly, me being a friendly Northern girl. After 15 minutes they were huffing and puffing and then at 20 minutes they both stopped. Off they went to do synchronised stretching for 10 minutes. I was at 30 minutes by now and just starting my intervals. As they went past me one of them remarked "bloody hell, she's still at it" and the other one said "she's done 30 minutes!". 15 minutes later then went past again and they just stood and stared with their mouths wide open (I was doing a fartlek run at the time). When I finally finished at 50 minutes they were sitting on the steps nearby looking knackered and they both stared at me and one said "Wow, how do you run for so long?" A huge ripple of pride surged through my blubber and I felt great! So come on you fellow fatties, we can still outrun the unfit thinnies if we put our minds to it.

    WW, hope your back gets better soon.

    EP and Glen, I love running in the rain now, particlularly sploshing in little puddles!

    JJ congrats on the weight loss - keep in going.

    Sassie good luck (is it Dibley? ;-))

    Michelle, how's your head? Have a good run.

    Nick,as a child I used to love black pudding but haven't eaten it for many years - particularly since I'm veggie now! Don;t you have any cakes or biscuits in Bury?

    EP, I drink loads of herbal tea since I stopped having milk in my drinks. My favourites are green tea or chamomile but I hate peppermint tea, yuk!

    Have a good day everyone.
  • And who said you could borrow my broomstick?
  • Susie Redhead - well done - excellent!!! I'm going out for my run NOW!
    PS - No hangover!

  • Morning all,

    First visit in a while....

    Bought a rainproof jacket at the weekend, and tried it out last night. Quite good actually - I sweat buckets anyway, but I wasn't as soaked from that as normal, and it did keep the rain out. So that's a plus!

    Mind you, the "technical" socks I bought, I also wore for the first time - they now have a hole in! So they'll be going straight back to the shop...

    The new shows worked well for a first try-out, and I took a minute off my three-mile time (short run to see how I got on with the new shoes).

    Why did someone have to mention black pudding??? Now all I'm thinking is "I'm doing the shopping on my own tonight - mmmm, black pudding...". Bang goes my goodness!

    WW - sounds like you enjoyed your holiday a little too much! I can sympathise on the back. I have a dodgy disc at the base of my spine, which has been OK for the last 18 months (touch wood), though it felt like it was going on Sunday night when I was queuing at Wembley. The last time it went was a week before FLM 2001...

    I got heckled last night! First time in a while - two young girls, who wolf-whistled and shouted "Nice legs!". I like to think that they weren't taking the p***....

    Still putting off weighing myself mind.

  • Redhead - long time since I lived in Bury ( that made me work it out - 26 years ago!! ouch! and me only being 28 and a half). I remember there was a Benson's sweet factory there but can't remember anything appetising about the place at all.

    Mr A - sorry if my teasing Redhead caused a distraction, be strong, be brave, your friends are on your side. Young girls can be so forward these days.

  • The analyst who works for me is currently sat at her desk, eating chips. I hate her. The good thing is, she's off to do a circuits class in 50 minutes - I'm betting on her throwing up.

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