Thursday session - 31 October

For me it was going to be the latter, but it seems as if my new running shoes have sorted out my "injuries" caused by my old Responses.. so, I'll be out on the tarmac!

What: Out-back negative split run, second half run at or near race pace; probably about 4 miles total.
Why: Speedwork.

Last hard - Yesterday - only 5K but fast, and I suffered agonising stitch for the last 2Ks which added at least 3-4 minutes onto my time - grr!
Last rest: Day before yesterday.


  • Run
    For as much as i can, before i have to go back in
    Tired now
  • what - rest
    why - hip still sore, so complete rest for a couple of days before sunday's 10 mile race
    last hard day - monday
    last rest day - sunday, so heh, i'm due one!!

    begining to think my new Asics runners that i was so pleased with are the cause of the hip problems as i've never had any problems before. Arrrggghhhh!! Good money after bad.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    What - '35 to 45 minutes light fartlek'
    Why - Still following RW 10K programme
    Last hard day - yesterday; '5 miles slow' became '6 miles hard' due to a fresh dumping of snow and strong northerly winds. Then I went X-Country skiing for an hour.
    Last rest day - Friday

    Slightly sore hamstring ... or is it my sciatic nerve? So lots of stretching before I run today.
  • The smoke from the municipal incinerator is going straight up this morning, and it's not raining. Not a bad start to the day, but I am full of aches and pains from Tuesday's hill reps.

    What - gentle swim at lunchtime.
    hard club run this evening.
    Why - because that is my schedule.
    Last hard day - Tuesday.
    Last rest day - Wednesday.
  • What: as long a run as I can find time to do at an easy pace = 9min/mile 70%WHR (either 7.5 mile or 11 mile)
    Why: feel I'm, lacking endurance base so its time to up the milage and stop treating all races as important - some shorter ones will become "tempo runs"
    last hard day : Tues
    last rest day : Mon
  • What : spinning on turbo trainer (15miles)
    Why : Because flu has stopped me from going outdoors.
    Last Hard day : 20/10 croydon 10km run
    Last rest day : seems like forever with this flu.

    Cant wait to put on them shoes and run and run and run and run and run!
  • What: 5 miles steady or tempo run.
    Why: want to see how I feel once I get going.
    Last rest: Tues
    Last hard: Mon
  • Morning all

    What : Probably nothing
    Why : I have done my back in, suffering major pain when I sit or lie down, taking Diclofenac Sodium (you don’t need prescriptions in Cyprus) until I get to see my osteopath tomorrow afternoon with any luck he will sort me out - as I’m hoping to kick off my new training program on Monday

    Last Rest Day : The past week or so
    Last Hard Day : I can’t remember

  • what: anything up to 6 miles easy
    why: well, everything was going fine until 2.30 am yesterday, when i was sick and kept being sick til 10am! i wasnt able to eat at all but have eaten breakfast today, so if i can have a normal size lunch i'll go for a run before it goes dark...
    last hard day: sunday long run
    last rest day: yesterday (completely unplanned, though!)
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    What: Probably a light 3-4 miles.
    Why: I'm recovering from a heavy cold and anything too hard will set my cough going.
    Last hard day: Probably some time last week.
    Last rest day: Yesterday. Had planned a light run but it was peeing down when I got home and although not cold, I didn't think getting soaked through would do my cold and cough much good. Will go tonight though even if it's raining as what with cold and slight calf injury, I've had more days off over the past two weeks than I'd like.
  • what: 1km loop repeats
    why: club night
    last hard day: Tuesday
    last rest day: last night. It should have been the gym but ended up round at parents inlaw for 'birthday tea' for father in law.
    Ate too much and drank wine !!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi Everyone

    What a glorious day

    What: 3 miles on tread at lunch time and speed work at club tonight
    Why: Need to get some iles in coz I missed my run last night - I just couldn't get motivated.

    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: yesterday because I'm lazy
  • Hello all,

    What: Gym session tonight
    Why: only thing I can fit in around work and children.
  • what: short run - probably tempo pace - possibly even nothing at all
    why: various domestic commitments this evening; also STILL not quite got Tue out of my system....

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Sat
  • What: 21/2 hours tennis
    Why: halloween so polishing broom

    Last hard day tuesday
    Last rest day today
  • What: 10 miles
    Why: Bit of a tempo run
    Last hard run: today
    Last rest day: monday

    warmed up for a mile then did 2x3 mile at ~1/2M race pace with a 1 mile very easy jog in between, then easy 2mile jog home.
  • Managed about 4km last night on the treadmill, first run since Sunday marathon, took it very easy but felt not too bad:

    Today: Probably 25-30 minutes easy
    Why: Marathon recovery.
    Last Hard day: Sunday.
    Last rest: Tuesday.

    Sad to say but in spite of announcing my retirement I'm not sure I can without one last go - but this time with a period of serious training (I figure 60-70 miles per week). But I'll wait until Christmas before deciding.
  • What: yet another rest day
    Why: usual rest day, yesterday was sheer wussiness

    Last hard: Sunday (oh my god)
    Last rest: yesterday

    I will make it up this week.
  • MartinH,
    really pleased to hear that you might not give up on the marathon just yet. Perseverance is essential with this event ;-)
  • Yes, once the marathon beast gets its teeth into you, it's impossible to ignore it whispering 'you can do better than that next time' in your ear.

    Done mine - 5 mile tempo run, 1/2 mile warm up, 4.5 miles @ 1/2m pace/84% WHR. A little slower than yours I should imagine MM!
  • What: Short road run to retrieve car from last night, followed by 30 mins off road.
    Why: Couldn't fit much more in before work!
    Last Hard: Saturday
    Last Rest: Friday
  • What: Gym (again) at lunchtime. Rowing, weights, strider (at least I passed 5k in 20mins this time - unlike Tuesday).

    Wishing for: Swim. But our local pool is undergoing 2 years of refurbishment. Lido shut for winter.

    Last rest: Yesterday

    Last hard: Sunday

    Takin' it easy after Marathon on 13/10 and HM on 27/10. No running till Sunday!
  • What: 7 miles=1.5 miles warm-up, 4x1mile reps @ 6.33, 6.39, 6.33, 6.34, 1.5 miles cool down. Excellent session!

    Last rest: from running, yesterday.
    Last hard: tonight, mind every run this week has been a kind of effort in one way or another.

    Martin I know what you mean. I told myself after FLM that I would not be doing another for a long time and certainly not FLM. Guess what? I've just sent my entry off!
  • WW - good luck with the back - I had years if ongoing problems - not funny at all.
  • Correction:

    What: Nothing
    Why: Ironically, problems caused by old shoes gone; but stitch pain STILL subtly present (as it only ever is after I've had a real 'mare of a stitch) so I'll leave it til tomorrow.

    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: Today
  • what: 4.3K at about 6:18 per mile pace (note the mixing of units)
    why: as previously stated.
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