Stitchin', stitchin', stitchin' the night away...

I ran home from work tonight - a distance of almost exactly 5K. I decided to give it some stick in order to test out my new shoes. For the first 3K or so I was fine, running smoothly and fast and being highly pleased with the shoes and my time. I was actually well on course for a PB - I'd ran two miles in almost bang on twelve minutes and still wasn't anywhere near giving my all.

Then: AAAAAARGH!! It felt like someone had stuck a chainsaw in my abdomen. The pain was agonising - I had to stop. It subsided and I set off at a slower run.. half a mile later... AAAA! Back again. I tried the usual tactics - touching toes, breathing methods, etc - but this was a stubborn one, and didn't want to go.

I ended up adding at least 4 minutes to my time by having to stop and walk, etc, and so came in in 22:34. Not that bad a time - but hardly the 18:0-something I was on course to get. Grr!!

I hate stitch :)
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