Fat but firm club Thurs 31st

Nother inappropriate phone call from Intensive care
Might as well go out for run shortly
Still feel fat, BEFORE eating
Roll on Fri pm, when Im off duty
Hope you all have a better start to the day than this


  • No posting here!
    Didint see Bunes thread as eyes barely open!!
    Goo to the other thread
  • Morning All,
    This evening I'm going for a slow 4 mile run. I've had really tight calves since my 5 miler on Sunday in that awful wind and although I did go out on Tuesday it was painful and I only managed 2.5 miles in 29 minutes so I'm looking foward to tonight.

    On a separate theme, has anyone had abusive comments from people while out running? About 2 weeks ago while I was out with my son (he was riding his bike alongside me) a car came alongside and some guy shouted out the window "oi, get a move on you fat f**king cow" then drove off. As you can imagine, I'm now pretty wary of going out in the evenings on my own. As its now dark when I get home in the evening and hence when I run, I'm hoping that it won't happen again. Makes me laugh though, they'd problably struggle to walk 5 miles, let along run it.
  • Don't worry Susi Q, there have been a number of threads on this forum regarding the horrible things that people shout. Console yourself that you are a fit and healthy goddess and they are moronic lumps.....

    And well done on running 5 miles at all!
  • my thoughts exactly, but it does worry me, especially as early evening is the only time I can get out.
  • Morning all,
    I'm determined to get out for a run today - I've no excuses! I haven't even got a hangover from the champagne last night! Susi Q - Some people eh! - What is wrong with these idiots! Don't let it put you off. Lots of us have had these sorts of comments and it's horrible, but they're the losers not us - and to say it while driving by - yeah, that takes a real man doesn't it! Grrr!!! It's not just in the evenings - I always run during the daytime and still sometimes get rude comments from people.. Anyway, I'm gonna put my gear on now and go for a run.. catch you later guys.
  • good luck Michelle, hope it goes well. How far are you going?
  • what a idiot that guy sounds. Forget about him - he sounds like the sort of person that has very few people to talk to hence why he finds it appropriate to shout abuse at complete strangers.
    The sort of bloke that stands in a pub on his own coming out with comments like 'Send 'em all back where they came from' and 'We should never have got rid or Maggie' to anyone that will listen for a nanosecond.
  • Susie Q I have had plenty of abuse while running over the past 20 years mostly verbal apart from getting set about once,I dont worry because I can deal with it, though I feel for you ladies.
  • it must be the area i live in or something, but i have never had any verbal abuse when running, but i do feel for you in that situation, because you're in a more vulnerable position than him you can't do anything about it. however, do try to stick to busy roads. that guy who shouted at you must have been really unhappy with his lot, he's the real loser just making himself more miserable.

    good luck with your running!
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