First 1/2 Marathon

Hi there

I am running my first 1/2 marathon in a little over 2 months and i need a "good" training schedule.

I have looked all over runnserworld.co.uk and could not find one.

Found one on runnersworld.com BUT it would not load :(

Can any one help? I would perfer a 8 week one. And one that specfies distance and not times (eg today run 1 mile. not today run for 10 mins)



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    There's some schedules under the Training tab on this site (The grey one at the top - he says, probably unnecessarily, to distinguish it from the blue forum one). If you go to the middle of the page, under Racing, there's a whole bunch of them.

    No idea if they meet your needs or not but probably worth a look.

    Best of luck
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    There is one on RW.co.uk - I'm using it myself !!
    Go to Training>Racing>Half Marathon and select your pace.

    Let me know if you can't find it.

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    Gez, how daft do i feel now?

    Thanks found it now, went for the beginers one ;)

    Quick replies too.

    I am new to running so will probably be posting quite a bit in the next few months.

    Hoping to do a full marathon next year.

    If you have any random tips or advice you want to throw at me then feel free.

    Thanks again for the quick and helpful reply
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    random tip - don't try to run a half on water alone - consider sports drink or gel or summat once you're running over an hour
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    ok will bare that in mind, cheers.

    Any recommend the best drinks supplement? either type or brand?
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    I do luco sport cos it's readily available in powder form, and I can make it up at 3/4 strength for less long runs (60-90 mins) and full strength for 90mins +

    but some people prefer gels

    and some think in race nutrition is for wimps

    oh- and some stick to water and eat jelly babies - but I think you have to much quite a few of them
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    Random tip - don't do what I did...

    Ran a full marathon in 1980. Trained and jogged on and off ever since (but put on over 2 stone and 24 years). Took up running again in January. In March decided I'd do a Half Marathon instead of my Sunday long run. Doh !
    Predictably I was very, very slow and got overtaken by a granny. I did run the whole way and beat the injured runner who was hopping though. But I can't say I enjoyed it.
    So now I'm following a schedule and getting a good base in. Also entered a couple of 10ks.

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    The training schedule i picked is for 10 weeks.

    should i be doing any other exercice (biking/weights/sit-ups etc)

    if so should i be doing it on run days or not?

    thanks again for the quick replies

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    Hi Slug,

    I think i might be making rod for my back.

    I have not really done any run (ever) jogged on and off every now and then, been a member of a gym a few times, and done martial arts on and off.

    Started running.... well going for my first run tonight, and have the 1/2 marathon in 8-10 weeks time.

    I think i will train for a month and see how i feel, might take part and just see how i get on.

    could be the motivation i need to get started.

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    A lot depends on your current level of fitness. How long can you run for (time and distance)?

    Also I strongly recommend running slowly (and I mean really slow - just over walking pace) - otherwise you will get injured. Also - golden rule is no more than 10% increase in mileage each week. Build up gradually.

    The 10 week schedule has one harder session a week in it - which is sensible.

    I'm not an expert - only a few months ahead of you.


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    When I first started I alternated running days with other training, elliptical trainer, bike, rowing, to build fitness without risking injury by doing too much too soon. If you're a member of a gym it's worth getting one of the instructors to do you a programme to compliment your running.
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    Not sure how fit i am, like i said been fairly inactive for a bit. But i tend to get back in the swing quite quickly.

    I will start the schedule and see how i get on.

    Just been out in the car and found a 4m run, so that should be "interesting"

    Will keep you all posted o/

    Cheers Slug
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    Good luck with your run, am off out myself in a few mins, enjoy!
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    Hi Puffin,

    How many rest days did you have?

    One thing i see over and over again is that you must rest. dont want to go biking etc if its going to wear me down?

    Although a slow bike on my off days could be ok?

    Sorry to keep asking all the questions

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    Hi Simon,

    Hope the training goes well.

    My advise would be...

    don't try to do too much too soon. If you have not run for a while, i'd be a bit aprehenisve about going out and doing four miles for the first run....you don't want to put yourself out of action!!

    Whatever sports drink you decide on, make sure you use this on your longer training runs also do make sure you have no 'nasty' reactions to it... if it's not tried and tested, try to steer clear on race day. This goes for kit too

    happy running
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    The question are fine :)

    Used to have 2+ rest days, depending how I was feeling, usually spread through the week. A lot depends on your general fitness as to how much you'll feel good with. Generally I stuck with, if it hurts - stop! Ignored that once while running on a treadmill and ended up with ankle strains that took months to heal.

    I also found some gentle weight training helped to build muscle. Rowing for cardio fitness. It all helps.
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    Hi Mark

    Thanks for the reply, I think me saying 4 mile run was a little ambitious. I think it might be a 4 mile walk/jog/crawl. Its a 2 mile circuit. So I can opt out after 2 miles if need be (as I pass my front door @ 2 miles)


    Thanks again
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    Thanks puffin,

    well i aim to run 4 days a week, but i might go for a gentle bike ride on some of the others days. Might do a little weights on the same day as running (one morning , one evening) Just so i still get some rest time in.


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    How did you get on with the run/jog/walk?
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    Hi Puffin

    Ok i think did 4 miles (approx) took about 40 mins. Jogged most of it stoped to walk at about the 1,2,3 mile points.

    Not sure if thats good/bad/average

    How was yours :)

    also in the schedule i have its say you should do differnt types of runs including:

    Slow, Easy, jog

    are they not the same thing? if what whats the difference?

    Anyone got any advise on pacing myself when the runs get longer.

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    Morning Simon

    Just read the thread back and it seems you've had some good advice which I agree with. Well done with your first 'run'.

    10 min miles is pretty good to start with and taking a walk when you need it is a good idea.

    Somebody else will have to address the slow/easy/jog question

    Best advice regards pacing is based on how your breathing feels. Ideally you should feel able to hold a reasonably normal conversation while running (talk to yourself if you need to) - if you can't talk you're going too fast and if you can sing your favouite song you're not going fast enough. There's lots of people will offer advice on use of Heart Rate Monitors but I've never had one so can't.

    On your rest days, its generally accepted (I believe) that you can do more or less any other activity you like but its well worth taking time off running to let your running specific muscles recover - and try to take at least one day a week off completely.

    Hope some of that waffle helps
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    thanks for the reply, its all helps.

    might try talking to myself tomorrow :)

    i also think i will take quite a few full rests this week (being the first one), dont feel to bad today, but see how i feel tomorrow.

    Just looking for some trainsers now.. have made a post in gear if anyone can help
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    Regarding shoes the answer you will get is to find a specialist running shop (not a High Street chain like JJB), have your feet/gait assessed and take their advice. A good shop will be staffed by runners and not sell you any more shoe than you need.
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    can anyone recomend a shop?

    does this cost a lot more than other running trainers?

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    need to know where you are in the country mate

    fit and having the right SORT of shoe are the main things - needn't cost the earth

    mine cost about £55

    Thin Spouse's more like £45

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    i live in Essex (easy access to london via train)

    £55 thats ok, trainers in most shops cost more than that now..

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    Sweatshop or Run and Become?
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    just heard that some runners have shoes they train in and race shoes?

    Is this common practice?

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    The shoe thing depends on how much you want to do. You should never race in new shoes, that's asking for pain! To cut trainer costs, I try on in the specialist stores, but buy from the internet, as you can generally source cheaper. The links on this site are good. I just ordered a pair from Wiggle,and they turned up the next day!

    It's quite nice to have at least 2 pairs, so if they get wet or really sweaty you can alternate.
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    Well done on your 4 miles.
    If you are going to London I can recommend the London Marathon Store in Covent Garden. I went on a week day, which I'd recommend, not at lunch time. The guy spent a good 30 minutes watching me walk, feeling how my feet lay on the ground and helping me try on at least 6 pairs.
    I went expecting to buy Asics, because all the reviews said they were great. I ended up buying Brooks because they fit my feet better - I haven't regretted it. I wouldn't buy off a website without trying first, unless I was much more experienced. I did think about trying in the shop and ordering from the web, but felt I really ought to reward the shop for their good service.

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