First 1/2 Marathon



  • By the way I think I'm using the same schedule as you. I'm on week 3, did the 7-8m on Sunday - it was very hot and I got lost !
    For the definition of easy,fast etc. I use my Heart Rate as a guide - Heart Rate Monitors are a whole new subject which we can cover if you've got one. If you haven't got one don't worry, your perception of your effort is probably quite close. As CA said earlier, right now for "easy" you should be able to talk when running.
    If you are on the schedule I think then you have one timed run this week. For that one you can go a bit faster, I wouldn't recommend killing yourself.

  • I am going to see a friend next week and he said there is a shop called "The Sweat Shop"

    Does anyone know if they are a good place to buy from?

    Thanks for all the posts guys, all great advice.

    Seconed run tomorrow (if i can move that is )

  • Sweat shop is good, they usually have a good range. As slug said, get them to fit the shoes for you, some let you run on a treadmill in them to analyse you gait and so you can check the fit.

    How far are you planning for tomorrow?
  • ok will give them ago.

    My friend has also just started running and he said they had him running around the shop.

    Said he was in there for 30 mins, sounded promising

    Just 3 miles tomorrow *phew*
  • slug,

    you got lost, thats not good :)

    it is a little hot for me running at the moment. But the 1/2 Marathon is in July so i better get used to it.

    and i have looked and sunday is a 3mile timed run. So we shall see how i do then.

    thanks again
  • It's always good to have a nice easy 3 :)

    Did 5 today with club, on hilly course, feeling somewhat tired. So, will go easier tomorrow.

    Agree it's worth practicing now in the heat, or you 1/2 will be hell. Which one you doing?
  • Hi Puffin,

    Well i hope this 3 is better than my 4 on monday :)

    The course i ran was all flat, but i maped a 4 mile course yesterday which is more hilly (will run that on saturday)

    I am running in the 1/2 Marathon in Milton Keynes (NSPCC)
  • Enjoy the 3 and take it easy. The classic mistake starting out is to push too hard and not allow a base to build. Most often resulting in injury. To make your 1/2 in July you haven't got time to take an enforced break.
    Which 1/2 are you doing ? I'm booked in for the Windsor 1/2 in late September and I've got a couple of 10ks before then.
    Missed my run last night - fell asleep ! How lazy is that ? I'm off to fit it in this morning. 4m easy.

  • Hi Slug

    I am running the one in Milton Keynes (NSPCC).

    I plan on taking it easy, nothing more frustrating than not being able to do the 1/2 becuase of an injury.

    Once i am half way through my training, i might start signing up for some more 1/2's and 10k.
  • Morning,
    Yes take it easy is a good plan. If you've not done a whole lot of training getting round is a huge achievement.

    I did the Paddock Wood 1/2 earlier this year with just that aim. It took me over 2:30, but I got there and I ran all the way.
    Plenty of people who walked/ran finished ahead of me and they were all packing up at the finish. But the way I look at it I beat the 8.5m or so people in the South East of England who didn't even enter !

    4m easy this morning. Definitely better am than pm in this weather - it's hot but not as humid.

    Miles = Smiles

  • Hi Smiles

    I agree, might go out now and do my 3. Legs ache still, not too bad though.

  • What do you do after your run ? A bit of light stretching and a bath might help prevent the next day aches. Also running again will circulate the lactic acid and help recovery - so long as you don't overdo it.

    Just about everyone goes too hard at the beginning - when you are just starting out you need to just build up the miles avoiding injury. I've learnt from this site that the secret is going really slow - don't worry what people seeing you will think. It's the distance not the speed that matters now.

    Let us know how the 3 goes.

  • Hi slug

    I do the same, stretch off, some light exercise (sit ups etc) then hot bath.

    Just did my 3 miles (without stoping) *chuffed*

    did not take it hard, did not time it, just a nice steady pace.

    Feeling really good now.
  • Excellent news on the 3m without stopping.

    I thought the MK 1/2 was in March?! Or is there more than one? I'm sure people were talking about it when I did Reading.

    Feeling lazy now as haven't done any exercise at all yet today (unless you count walking to the tea room?). You're both setting too good an example!
  • Thanks puffin,

    there may have been one in march.

    This one is end of july (

    I did nothing yesterday and it was bliss (a part from the aching legs that it)

  • Have just been for an office stroll, and the weather appears to be against me too, has turned cloudy and evil looking. May be treadmill running for me tonight.

    Am also 1/2 marathon training at the mo. Am doing Gloucester (almost unknown that one!) in July and Bristol in September. Plan is to get to 1.50 or below.
  • when in septemeber is the Bristol one?

    If my training goes ok i might do that too.

    I dont mind cold and rain, keep me cool while i run.
  • Bristol is 12th September, but might have booked up already, worth checking the website.

    I did my first 1/2 in March (Reading), and afterwards couldn't wait to book up more races, as really enjoyed it. Hope you have a good experience, it's really motivating.

    If you run with a local club it's easier to find out about races in your area, esp. ones you might not have thought of. Also v motivating, have to keep up with the group and all that!
  • Another 1/2 in September is Windsor it might be closer - lots of people from the website - see the events forum - there's a thread for Windsor saying the names of all the people going. I'll be there myself.

    Well done on 3 miles. Sounds like progress.

    Puffin what did you do for your 1st 1/2 - how much improvement are you aiming for ?

  • 1st 1/2 result was 1:54, have also done more speed training since then, and run a couple of 10km. My 10k PB is 48:50.

    If I can get a better time than 1:50 that would be fantastic, but Rome wasn't built in a day! So, going to take it gradually.

    What's your target for Windsor Slug?
  • Puffin,
    Those are good times. According to the McMillan calculator your 10k PB suggests you should do 1:48 for the 1/2 so it's in sight.
    As for my target, I don't really know. As I said earlier, my first 1/2 was 2:35 ish - my watch and the official (chip) timing were different. By September I will have done twice as much training again as the prep I did for that one.
    I'd like to think I could get between 2:00 and 2:15 as a stepping stone to sub 2:00, but that is a big step. Sooooo I've kinda gone about this backwards - what 10k do I need to be able to run to predict a 2:15 1/2 mara ? Answer 1:00 or thereabouts. So I'm doing the Chris Brasher in Richmond in a few weeks, if I come in around 1:00 my target is on, if not I'll re-callibrate.
    Long answer and typical of my over analytical approach to everything !

    Miles = Smiles

  • Wow!! You've obviously put a lot of thought into this.

    It's always hard when you pradict your times from the pace guides. If you're having a bad race or the terrain is rough, can make you feel disheartened. I ahve days where I can't run for toffee, for no apparent reason.
  • Puffin,
    Today was one of those "can't run for toffee" days. Went for 4.5 miles at lunchtime. I was sh*te. Slow, no form and not enjoying most of it.
    - it was hot
    - and very muddy from the storms yesterday
    - I trained twice yesterday

    But in reality I just had a bad day - I think that proves your point.

    How is your training going ?

    Are you running today, or do you have a rest day ?

  • Hi you three....I am doing my first half first race in fact. I am nervous as hell and feel like I used to at school just before sports day. I was always useless at racing as I have no competitive drive at all.

    I think I could do it in about 2 hrs 15 but I am panicking as I indefinitely need the loo when I run around for more than 4 miles so that will add extra time on making my finish time utterly useless.

    Any tips as to what to eat/drink in the morning??
  • Good luck with the race tomorrow - where is it ? Just getting round is a great achievement. You won't be last so don't worry.

    As for eat/drink, I'm no expert, I've done one 1/2m. I took a small bottle of water to drink before starting and carried it around the first few miles. I saw a few people stop for the loo, but I found sipping a little when I was thirsty seemed to avoid the "drink too much at the start and need a wee after three miles" syndrome.

    I guess it's a question of balancing fluid inflow with sweat outflow.
    As for eating I had my normal cereal followed by a banana before starting.

  • Hi Slug

    Its my day off today, got another run tomorrow.

    My left knee has been feeling a little odd sometimes today. No pain or anything, just a little twitchy.

    See how it is tomorrow.

  • Hi all

    I'm on my Friday rest day today, so no running, perhaps some light stretches later. But am meeting others from my club to do a practice run for the cotwold relay. 9 miles of hills and stiles, could be a tough one!

    Bambi, on the subject of needing the loo. I always had the same worry, as I invariably need to go in training. I eat a bowl of porridge 2-3 hours before the race, and then a banana and energy drink just before. Always drink a bit at each water station to avoid dehydration. I've found if you make sure you go right before the race, your mind should be so occupied with the race you shouldn't worry too much about your bladder! Or it could just serve to make you run faster!!!

    Simon, what's the plan for tomorrow?
  • Puffin,

    4 miles tomorrow taking it slow (trying not to get ahead of myself) see how i feel after that one.

    Got a 3 mile timed on sunday.

    Was actualy a little disapointed i could not go running today (think the bug is kicking in)

  • The bug is good, gets you out there every day! Glad to hear you're taking it easy and not rushing yourself. It's far to easy to end up injured by doing too much too soon.
    Why not try a bike ride if you're really keen to get out?
  • Puffin,
    I must be missing something, how is a practice run for a 9m relay a rest day ?!
    It sounds exciting though. Is your leg 9m or 9m in total ? Which club do you run with ?

    Take it easy with the knee - they are one of the first areas to complain.

    Let us know how the 4m goes - is that Day 3 week 1 and the 3m timed Day 4 ?

    I've got Day 3 Week 3 tomorrow - also a 3 mile timed. I'm on a Sunday-Saturday week. I'm guessing your week starts on a Monday.

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