First 1/2 Marathon



  • Hi guys - we seem to be following a similar plan - only I had to dip out of week 2 on account of strained ankle... any way back to it on Weds hopefully all ready for Wycombe in July and Windsor in Sept
    Keep up the goood work!
  • IMM,
    Sorry to hear about the ankle - how did it happen ? Are you doing the beginner's schedule from this site ?

    Maybe I'll see you at Windsor - I've entered too.

  • Yep doing this one - not too sure how it happened to be honest but hopefully rectified by the new runners I've got today .... yippeee
    had some laser treatment yesterday and have been given a few exercises which involve standing on one leg with eyes closed - something that I have no touble with after a few lagers!!
  • IMM
    Laser treatment - that sounds really serious - what did they do cut it off !!!!

    Are you going to redo week 2 or move straight to week 3 ? I ask because I've found the step up in miles tough (I'm just finishing week 3). It could be because I've done two tough cross training sessions as well.

  • Slug,

    I agree with you, i am only on week 1. But day 4 in week 3 is going to be a tough one.. jumping from 3-4 miles to 7-8.

  • I am just sitting here pondering that one - the 10 week plan was bang on right time wise for Wycombe in July so I have to miss a week somewhere along the line - I think the sensible bit is to start again at beginning of week 2 taking into account new shoes and breaking in (not literally I hope) the old ankle - once I am back up to speed (?) then I may skip a week later on in the programme ... will see how I go
  • Thanks for that folks. I am off to bed now, but shall wake early and have some breakfast then see how things go. Race starts at 11am in Gaddesby Leicestershire.

    Am running with my sister in law - we both started running 6 months ago following birth of our 3rd/4th children. Just to complete without walking at all will be more than I ever thought I could do when we began.

  • Simon,
    Tomorrow is that day ! 3m timed today and 8 tomorrow. How did your 4 miles today go ?

    I think you are right. I think there is always a risk of re-injury if you jump back in higher up, without having done the work. Maybe you could combine weeks 5 and 6 to catch it up ? Or, if you aren't doing a 10k in week 7, it looks like there's a bit of a taper in the schedule. If you're not racing you could miss that entire week.

    Good luck today and let us know how it goes. It really helps motivation hearing how others get on.

  • Slug - thats about what I thought
    1/2M is on July 11th or something like that so I have enough time to play with I think and I did take a drop in mileage to start with so shouldnt take me long to get back up to where I should be ....

    Enjoy your plods today!
  • Hi all

    had my second 4 mile run today did it in 37 mins (non stop) which is about 4 mins of my first atempt.

    Feeling really good, i agree with slug its motivational to read about other people get on... i also find it motivational coming on here and talking about mine.

    3 min timed tomorrow so going to push myself a little on that one.

    Can anyone tell me what a reachable average mile a minute is on a 4 mile run? i am on a mile in 9mins at the moment.

    i understand its differnt with each person, just curious.

    Thanks to everyone who is posting on here, keep in touch.

    Going to runners need next friday i think, so will let you know how i get on.
  • Simon - 9 mins is good - however I would say personally to try and run perhaps a bit slower in the hope of keeping going for longer if that makes sense
    If it is distance you are ultimately aiming for then get used to how it feels say for a 10min/mile and just push yourself on the timed days.
  • guys - doesn't that training plan give you the "or an hour" option for that 7-8 miles?

    which unless you're quite nippy will prob be less than 8 miles and worth considering?
  • Flr

    i think it does, but i have not got that far yet.

    When i do i think i will opt for the 8 miles (suckered into this running lark now)

  • flr - you are right it does - which for me is 6 miles
    I work on the 30 mins out 30 mins back theory which normally works out about right and helps me keep to an even pace as well
  • My first priority is time when training. Only when I finish I look at the distance (this is only because I keep a log and so can see the progress of decline).
  • A very sensible priority
    simon - stick to the time on feet and ignore the distance for a while - less likely to suffer from an overuse injury
    the speed will come.
  • really?

    i am confued now.

    I am working on a training schedule which says how may miles i should do?

    I tend to run the miles and keep a log of both miles and time to keep an eye on progress.

    Also i thought by making sure i do the miles per day (regardless of time taken) then at least i know i will be able to complete the 1/2 marathon. where as if i run for time only then i will not know?

    Am i way off track? any advice will be good... only been runing for less than a week now.


  • Simon if you are following the same plan - it says at the end of week 3 - 7-8 miles slow (or 1 hour) what we mean is dont push to get the 8 miles in 1 hour - but to do what you cna in an hour rather than over doing it.
    when it states just how many miles - do them comfortably and record the time when it asks.
    That way you get to see the imporvement
  • IMM

    hahahha dont worry i was not going to try and do 8 miles on one hour :)

    but is it best to run for an hour on that day, or aim for the 8 miles (in any time)?

    I think i got my wires crossed... so on the other run days i just do the miles.. eg end of week 5 is 9-10 miles.

    Thanks for everyones help
  • Simon - thats about right - I think as long as you are consistant (if you are studying the facts) ie - if you go for time over mileage in week 3 - then stick to the same on week 4 - that is if you are up to it!
    At the end of the day - your body will dictate how much you can and cant do.
  • Hi all, wow, loads has happened while I've been out! Glad to hear everyone is getting on so well. I'm just back from 9m Cotswold Relay training. The hills were particularly brutal, but seem a distant memory now! What good weather for running though, cool and sunny.

    Bambi, how did your racing go today?
  • thanks for that IMM, i think only time (and miles) will tell. So i will just see how i get on.

    To be honest i am doing better than i thought, but find it hard to run when its hot.

    Lucky there was some cloud today, but could feel myself slow a little everytime the sun poped out.

    Any tips on running in the sun (sounds like a tv show.. "running in the sun")

  • Hi Puffin,

    Glad to hear you had a good run (so how much of the 9 miles did you run)

  • It is difficult - the handiest hints I have is obviously more water .... and if you are out longer than 45 mins take more water with you, but you will be a better judge on how much you need. Also try wearing a BB cap - personally I dont get on with them but I have heard it advised before.
    Also any of the technical clothing out there is worth an investment.
    Failing all the above - wait until the evening when it is cooler - or for the very brave first thing in the morning!
  • IMM

    thanks for that, got the water. Will try and BB cap and see if that helps. Might also look for some lightweight shorts and t-shirt. ones I am using at the moment are quite heavy.

    Running mid morning at the moment (warm but not too hot), don't want to get used to running when its cool and get hit hard on the race day... trying to acclimatise myself
  • will have to get used to the old warm weather thing as well - as and when I get back to plodding!! which is on schedule for Weds - whey hey!!!
  • Simon, as IMM says technical clothing is best for hot weather running, it moves moisture away from your body, keeping you cool. Cotton holds moisture in making you hotter, and it gets heavier. If you can run in woods, it's lovely on a sunny day. You also wont suffer so badly with sun burn.

    Slug, I ran almost all of it, except the bits that were nearly vertical, and the steep steps. But those bits were only a small amount of the distance.
  • Week 3 Day 3 today. I did Day 4 at the beginning of the week. Timed 3 mile hilly run and then a warm down 1m jog. Beat my PB by 3 minutes !! I can feel it in my quads now though.

    I was planning to do Week 4 Day 4 tomorrow, but I think I'll have to have a rest day and do it later in the week.

    I've got mixed feelings about the miles versus time thing. I've got a bit of a base having run regularly since December and trained in martial arts forever. It will definitely take me longer than an hour to do 8 easy miles - more like 1:30. But I also feel I need to burn the calories.
    I'd be interested in others' views.

    Congrats to everyone on their runs, especially to Simon, finishing week one. Go for it on the 3 miles, but make sure the others are real easy sessions, otherwise you might get an injury and miss out on all this great training.

  • Slug - I think the plan is there to stop people from overdoing it - if you were to run say 8 miles early on - how much would you expect to be on in week 10?? as everything moves up steadily I would be inclined to stick to either the time or the mileage - obviously peoples fitness and stamina will differ depending on a lot of things age/fitness level/health and the plan is just a guide.
    I have been plodding along for about 18 months now and wanted something a bit more structured and with an end goal so I have taken a drop in mileage and by default, time as well. But enjoy the shorter distances and be aware of how your body reacts - I use the easy/shorter runs to concentrate on my posture .... but it is individual!
  • Well I completed so maybe I should view that as an achievement in itself.

    wanted to die by mile three, mainly because the heat was totally taking it out of me and I already needed the loo. I had fallen right to the back because I just felt so lethargic but then I hardly ate a thing that morning, no breakfast etc as I felt too sick to eat.

    At mile 4 I cried thinking I was going to have to give up and wondering what the hell all the training had been for.
    Then I passed a couple of women out walking their dogs who promptly gave me a round of applause and praised my poor attempt!! That boosted my confidence reminding me that there are a million people who couldn't even jog a mile let alone 13.

    So from there on in it wasn't so bad. Needed the toilet right to mile 9 when I finally found one I could use. Had been having wicked stomach cramps intermittently for about 3 miles before that. All the time I had to focus on the reason I was running (the charity) and consider how my discomfort was nothing compared to their long term suffering. Sounds trite perhaps but I meant it and it kept me from too much self pity.

    Around mile 9 I started to realise I was going to finish after all and it became more enjoyable.At mile 10 my 55 year old father, who hasn't jogged for years, got dropped of to me and accompanied me back to the finish. That was a blessing too. I am so used to running with a companion and chatting the time away that the contrast of running with merely my own thoughts had been adding to the toughness early on.

    All that said I came in at 2hrs 32 with about a 5 to ten minute stop off at the toilet....I wasn't last so that was something, although the only two behind me were injured!

    If I ever decide to do it again I shall certainly learn from today's experience....must eat, must take immodium and must choose a race in winter time.

    Thanks for all your advice and good luck Simon with your race.

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