First 1/2 Marathon



  • Well done Bambi...

    As you said, you've done loads better than most people out there could ever hope to do. And now you have something to take into your next race, so that experience will be even better. Hopefully you wont be so nervous, as food would probably have made a big difference. When your blood sugar drops it's harder to think straight and control your emotions.

    Why not join a running club, then you'll have people to run with in future.
  • Bambi you said before you were going to run with you sister in law. What happened to her, how did she get on?
  • Hi all, it's Sunday, which is traditionally long run day. So what are we all doing today.

    Weather looks lovely.
  • W*rking!!!

    Have fun everyone!

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  • Like it! Have a good day IMM, bad luck for you having to work. I guess someone has to keep the country going while the rest of us are out amusing ourselves.
  • Just enetered a 10k in June - thats what I get up to when I am trawling this site!!
    Just in time for the 1/2m four weeks later
  • Excellent stuff! Which one?

    I have exactly the same trouble, start looking through, and before I know it I've signed up for a 1/2 marathon! I think it's becoming an addiction.
  • Wooburn Park June 12th I think - 1/2M at High Wycombe July 13th - all seemed like a good idea at the time!
  • Ooh beware of number nabbers!!
  • Oh I know - but i'm at w*rk and I'm worth it!!
  • Number nabbers???
    Have not come across this before.
  • I just like a nice rounded number!!

  • nice rounded little numbers with a big 00 for a Sunday afternoon
  • OOOOOoh I luv 'em!!
  • well done on the race Bambi... i have my first 1/2 coming up and i will be very happy just to finish. :D

    well its end of week one and i had my 3 mile timed today (took 25 mins)

    really nice run... quite cool for the fist 2 miles then out came the sun and i really felt it *phew*

    hope everyone else has a good long run today.

    Where can i find a 10k race list from, would like one in the essex or milton keynes area ish for about 20th June

  • Simon - look on the events earch at the top
    (in the grey tab) or failing that look at the active europe site
  • Hi Simon, 25 mins for 3 miles is a good time, just over 8 minute miles. How did you feel afterwards?

    I did 7.5m in the countryside and a gym session. Yet more killer hills. The only consolation is the veiw from the top!

    20th June is the Chris Brasher Memorial 10k in Richmond park if you can get into London for it. Looks like a good route.
  • Bambi,
    Your time for your first 1/2 was about the same as mine. Don't give up - I know it's hard arriving when everyone else has packed up - but you finished !!!

    Just think you'll never have to do your first 1/2 again and you'll know so much about what to do and not to do.

    That's some serious training. When is this mountain relay ? Has your team got a chance of winning ?

    Congrats on the end of week 1. Nice time for 3 miles, you are already faster than a lot of runners/plodders who post around here (me included !).
    Puffin's recommendation of the Chris Brasher is a good one - I picked it too - there will be a huge field and there's a picnic for RW Forumites - see the thread under forum>events.

    I had a day off yesterday. The step up to 20 miles, the PB on Saturday and the two extra cross training sessions last week really took it out of my legs. Also had visitors and massive barbecue - I think I ate half a cow ! 4m easy this lunchtime.

  • Hi Slug, hope you're enjoying your 4m, I wish I was out there not stuck in the office!

    The relay isn't mountains, it's hills! Its' teams of ten doing 140ish miles along the Cotwold Way from Cheltenham to Bath. There are 3 teams from my club competing. Don't think there's much chance of winning, as we're lots of different standards. It's a really nice route, and good fun. I'm discovering loads of new places and nice run routes around here.

    Todays session is 4m too, but I'm going to do it in the gym, and keep it fairly flat to give my legs a rest. I've been neglecting my rowing a bit lately, so I'm working on that tonight.
  • Puffin,
    I'm back !!
    Felt much better than after Saturday. The 4m easy (I took it really easy) seems to have worked all the lactic out of my legs. Others seem to hate the heat - I love it. The only problem is the sweat getting in my eyes.

    That's a hell of an event. Sounds like great fun. Has the club given you a schedule or are you following one from somewhere else ?

    Are you out there ? What are you doing today ?

    How about you ? Pleased to see your post on the Windsor thread. I can't wait to see your shoes !!

  • Well, I've got my first 1/2 in June as well - Borehamwood (27th June), which should be interesting. I'm following the Hal Higdon beginner 1/2 marathon schedule, and then will have exactly 18 weeks to prepare for my first marathon - in Dublin at the end of October.

    It's good reading these posts, how so many people have such similar experiences, and are going through the same process as me.

    Yesterday had my longest run so far - 7 miles, which I did in 70 mins flat (thanks to my Timex S&D GPS jobby for keeping me on track - and my wife for buying it for me :)

    The one thing which I've found, is that as the runs get longer, the miles get slower. From 9min miles for 5 miles, to 10min miles for 7 - goodness only knows how slow I'll have to take the 1/2!

    Oh, I've found Sweatshop (Covent Garden branch) to be very good - I think it's the manager who's served me the last couple of times I've been in, who has been superb.

    You do get better prices for shoes online, but if I'm being fitted for a pair of shoes, and the shop is spending half an hour or so with me, I'm prepared to spend a bit more. If I just replace the shoes with an identical pair I'm not so sure, but if you have problems, you can return them, even if you've worn them for a couple of weeks - I'm not so sure that the online / mail order outlets are so good.
  • Morning slug!!
    Not decided on the shoes for Windsor yet - but they will have to be suitable for royalty! I have also signed up for Wooburn Green in June and High Wycombe in July - think I need a little lie down!

    Feeling very pleased just done first post injury plod - 4 miles quite easy and no niggles - and new runners!!
    Off to work tonight :-(

    Just going to round up the neighbours cat as I am on cat duty whilst they go to LA - allright for some!

    Keep up the good work y'all

  • Hi slug,

    hope you had a good one. Like puffin i am stuck in a hot office today.

    no run planed today, have one tomorrow 3 miles easy (so will take that one slow).

    found a local 10k race to do in just over a month, so hopefully i will hear from them soon.

  • Goatee,
    Welcome ! What is the Hal Higdon schedule ? Where can I see it to compare ? Dublin - I'd love to do that one - I go there most weeks and it would be great to do a run around the city. Just too early in my "come back" to do a full mara.

    I agree about the shoes. I went to London Marathon store - also Covent Garden. They spent a lot of time and effort and I thought they earned the money.

    So that's 1/2 maras in June, July and September ? Or are June and July 10ks ?

    Good idea on the 10k. I'm hoping it will be good practice and a nearer goal to focus on and maintain motivation.

  • June = 10K
    July = 1/2m
    Sept = 1/2m

    that just leaves a little gap in August, but then I think I will be worn out after watching the Olympics !!
    Oh and I mustnt forget my 4 legged creature who will be wondering where his mum is on a Sunday!
  • IMM sounds like you have a busy summer in store. How have your family and friends reacted to you putting so much time into your running? I've started to get a bit of the 'you're not running again' attitude coming in, as I've increased my training and racing. Wondered what everyone elses experiences have been.

    Having said that I'm not going to stop. The one problem about being stuck in a hot office is you turn into a lardarse if you don't get out there and clock up your miles.

    To quote Slug:


  • I dont have any family at home - just a cat and I think he has been asleep for the last 6 years or so! The horse gets done in the morning and r*nning in the afternoon so I only have myself to please, I dont know how anyone esle with kids/families manages to do it to be honest - but hats off to them!
    My friends just think i'm mad but then they always have so no change there!
  • Miles = Smiles indeed !

    I'm actually getting positive reaction to runnning. Mostly I start and return from home, so "she who must be obeyed" actually sees more of me than if I go to the gym or for a ride on my motorbike. Long runs are more difficult, but I try to fit them in with my work schedule. My latest wheeze is to book a hotel the right number of miles from where I'm going and leave my stuff in the office and jog to and from in the evening/morning. I'm very luck - I work from my home office 2-3 days a week and most of the company offices I visit have showers.

  • And to answer IMM - another wheeze - I take my boys running with me. The 15 year old just blows by and waits impatiently at the top of the hills. The 12 year old is miles ahead and moaning for the first 1-2 miles and miles behind and moaning for anything over that. My 7 year old little girl loves running around a short 1/2 mile with me, which is an ideal warm up.

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