Cleeve Cloud Cuckoo Land MT 5

Anyone else doing this one down near Cheltenham?Will be my first race in new area


  • Sensible
    I didnt know about this one, I was going to do a four mile fitness fun run on the 3rd but have just downloaded details of this one so may well do it sounds fun
    I'll be the bloke at the back going very slowly and panting like a St Bernard on Bondi Beach
  • Have seen a map of the course but no idea if there are any big hills?I'll keep an eye (or an ear) out for you...
  • Hills almost certainly!!! But should be good fun lovely views(which I wont see head down red mist)Ill be near the back hoping for around 50/55 mins if hills are as bad as I suspect, look out for a pair of Gloucester RFC shorts and a lot of sweat and you see me.
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