Achilles problems

After I did London this year, I ran a short 5 mile race the week after in a pretty good time.

Unfortunately, after this my right achilles played up and my running has suffered ever since.

After trying rest it still came back. I eventually went to a compression bandage and ibuprofen gel and it has cleared up.

However now I have what may be a similar problem in my left schilles. I went for a run two days ago and it was swollen compared to my right achilles.

I've got the bandage on the left side now and using the gel but plan to go for a flat 5 mile run at lunchtime. The swelling has gone down a bit but not 100%.

Should I rest or not? Bearing in mind that I tried this with my right achilles and it didn't work


  • Studs RamRod (cool name), go get it checked out by a physio. After suffering similar problems for ages I finally went last week. It turns out the problem stems from by butt and has nothing to do with my legs at all. Should have gone to the physio months and months, possibly even years, ago.
  • I had achillies problem back in may, and it was painful that I then seeked help.

    This was the most painful experience of my life, but the pain was gone the next day, ok I was a little sore from the treatment but not from the injury.

    The treatment was given on a thursday I was back running on the monday and so far no problems since ( why did i say that )

    Please get it checked out, its worth it, the only down side to the treatment is if i have to have it again, im going to know what to expext.
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