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I am running to get fit and lose weight. Problem is when I started I ate shed loads as a reward for running and guess what....more weight. So I decided to track what I was eating. I did this using a free online tool which is at


It has really helped in making me more aware of what I eat. Hope it helps someone else

PS I dont work for this site its FREE!!



  • Hi WG, Just had a look..great! Got the usual dilemma of trying to think of a login name and password but other than that, it's reallt good. FYI I have eaten 865 calories and burnt off 600 plus today! I'm good through the day but wicked on a night (I meant with eating...tut tut!)
  • wow I just had a look too - its a great site - very useful although I cant be hassled filling in all activities
  • Hi Zoe! You ought to have a go, it was good to find out that the three hours I spent cleaning a nicotine stained ex-rest room wasn't entirely wasted!
  • I'm with you all on this one. How can I put on weight when I'm doing more exercise than ever? And don't give me that "muscle weighs more" bit - -I know when I'm fatter!!!!!
  • I've been using www.fitday.com for a while and it is really helpful.
  • Just had a look at the site it looks great and i am gonna give it a go
  • Update:

    Ok since tracking the food (for 2 weeks)and running the weight is starting to come off.

    I dont weigh myself but my old (read smaller!!) trousers fit!!! I was going to bin them.

    All that food diary guff seems to do the trick

    such a good feeling
  • i have been using the site now for a week it is BRILLIANT it makes you so aware of everything that you eat and generates great reports i recomend it to all SERIOUS weight loss activists
  • Hi I'm new to the runners world site and have been browsing through it. Anything to do with weight management always interests me as I am constantly battling the bulge and losing. I can't run at the moment because I have done some ligament damage so I am taking the time to read through all the boards for inspiration. My friend and I had only been running seriosly as beginners for about 8 weeks when the injury struck. I wasn't even running at the time. Any tips to keep me motivated would be great and I will visit the fitday site since you all seem to have found it so useful.
  • Anyone trying for weight loss come to "Fat Club" thread on "Health" section

    Irreverant, funny, sad etc.

    Successes, failures, missed opportunities - it's all there!

    Say hello and you're in!

  • Yep, cmon over
    Evem if its just to tell us how baad youve been:)
  • Hi Rosemary
    What injury did you have and how long to you have to rest.
    I broke my ankle last year, which needed fixing with plate and screws. I had lots of exercises walking with crutches then... oh, such muscle pain. And I was very good watching my food intake (keep telling myself that I could not reach the biscuit tin), lost some kilos these months.
    Few weeks ago the plate and screws came out and I am told not to run for six weeks. I try to do some walking and swimming, but I can't get so enthousistic for it as I am for running. And I am putting on some kilos again. I then read in the forums how nice it is to run in rain and think I wish I could write that.
    I should not complain. This injury time has a fixed end and I know I will get into it very quickly. I hope you have a defenite endpoint
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