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Hi All, well diet is going well so far, i think this is the hardest part of training for me, weight training is my primary fitness event although circuit training and running have been incorporated into my fitness regime, the hardest thing for me is sticking to my diet and not endulging in chocci and junk food on a weekend, i know this wont hurt once in a while once i am back down to my ideal weight and fat percentage i just have to keep aiming for that flat stomach again..buying new trainers and sports apparell has made me keener.. anyone else have any thing that helps them keep on track..


  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Paul,

    Why not pop along to The Fat Club on the Health and Injury Forum. You'll find plenty of wannabeslims there to keep you motivated! Good luck.

  • Paul

    The thing I find that keeps me motivated is goal setting, not to easy but not to hard. The bones of my past goals are:

    To run to the end of the street without stopping
    Do 100 sit ups
    Run 5k
    Complete first race
    Run 10k
    Run a half
    Do a triathlon

    Each one building on the previous, have a look at my progress at (MYQUEST)

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