Running while pregnant

I have read so many success stories of ladies running while pregnant. OK, admittedly I did a half marathon when I was 9 weeks but I went out for a gentle run last Tuesday (I'm now 15 weeks) and it has totally wiped me out. I felt awful. How do you do it?

I love running and I feel a little sad in putting it on hold for a while. How did anybody else cope?


  • Hi LK,
    i currently have 4 clients (personal trainer) that are pregnant ranging from 4 to 26 weeks. From a professional point of view we are not allowed to advise a pregnant lady does any exercise that would raise the heart rate over 140bpm. so for one of my clients (has done halfs) she couldn't run after 8 weeks. The reason for this is that you may get light headed or constrict the blood flow to feotus.
    Another problem is comfy kit and bump support. some companys do make bands that go around your waist to support bump. I don't know how effective they are though.
    If you belong to a gym try moving from c.v machine every 5 minutes drinking water in between and you shouldn't lose too much fitness
    hope i helped
    LT x
  • Hi Looney Toon

    I had read that your heart rate shouldn't go above 140 bpm and for this purpose I treated myself to a heart rate monitor. My heart rate went up to 165 in places! I guess I have to stick to swimming for the time being.

    Thanks for your advice and I will still be in touch with the running world from a spectator's point of view!
  • I wish I hadn't read this - I jogged right up until one week before MinSS was born - 2 weeks late.

    I now know I have an abnormally high HR - getting out of bed has me exceeding my theoretical max!

    What harm did I do her ?
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