Abuse When Running

I have been running for about 3 years now and during that time I have had the usual honking of horns from the preverbial boy racers and the like, the staggering drunk with some derogatory comment, but I have always risen above it and ignored it. But the other night I went for my usual 6 miler and during it I had a large empty bottle thrown at me from a bridge narrowly missing me. I thought about reporting it to the Police but there were no phones near by and probably wouldn't have attended anyway. I was just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and what did they do


  • Personally the only incident was when a group of youths intentionally tried to block my path. I have to confess that I knocked one of them down.

    The only other times is when I've been running with women. It's amazing the stick that they get. Honking horns, whistling, shouting etc. I don't know how they put up with it.

  • I've had a few odd comments, which have really frightened me (because I'm a big girly scardy cat).

    I never go running alone outside now. If I am alone I go on the treadmill. If you are having to run in a rough area, have you considered joining a running club?
  • I've learnt to be careful where I run and what time etc. Even though I know I can look after myself, your example of the bottle shows you never know what's going to happen!

    I actually got shot by a sniper with an air-rifle a year ago when me and my girlfriend were walking along on our way to do a run. I needed surgery to remove the pellet from my thigh and ended up with compensation and a scar! I got the police involved and although they were quite helpful I think they were too busy to investigate properly (even though 3 seperate people were shot).

    My advice, keep running but maybe try bringing a mobile phone with you incase of emergency.
  • By the way, one to cheer you up. My girlfriend is a bit gorgeous so people think that when they're in their cars they think they can honk and shout things. Last summer, someone did exactly that, didn't notice the car in front had stopped and crashed into them. Needless to say, I gave them a w@nkers wave and we went on our happy way (I find people aren't quite so mouthy when they're not hiding in a car).
    Oh how we laughed!!!!
  • I quite often get jeered at by kids, usually ones who are also smoking. But never had anything like as bad as bottles or getting shot!

    I don't run through the town centre any more. Early mornings are good for avoiding confrontation, but get whistled by the milkman!

    On weekends I tend to drive out of town to countryside. Less people and less traffic mean a much more enjoyable run.

    Locco, were the offenders prosecuted?
  • Shot!?!? I don't think I would ever run outside without a bullet proof jacket again!
  • I run early mornings - the only people I see are other runners, dog walkers and the milkman. All the nutters seem to be safely tucked up in bed!
  • Wow.
    I know it's been a long time since I lived in the inner city, but getting shot at? Bottles? I would be afraid to go out again!

    Where I stay now it's the usual fare of teenagers mooching around who make hilarious panting sounds as runners approach, comment on size of bum/thighs etc., or shout fake encouragement in "posh" voices. All dealable with and now I almost feel grateful for it!
  • Probably jellous that you could outrun them all Ketty!
  • The worst I've had is someone setting their dog on me. Thing is, I know how to deal with dogs and when he'd calmed down, he decided I was more fun than his owner and decided to run with me. Owner was less than pleased.
  • Well, all runners stick together at the end of the day!
  • I'm like Shambler - tend to go out early (tho' not as early as Shambs methinks!) before most peeps are up & about. Have ended up having to swerve into the road and things when confronted by yobby teens to avoid them on those occasions when I've had to go out later, but in general just give a wide berth if I see anything ahead that might be a bit iffy. Not had anything chucked at me yet - oh joy!
  • I run in some fairly rough areas, but being quite large and heavily tattooed I must look alot scarier than I am as I rarely get any abuse. :O)
  • I'm with Shambler - I run early in the morning.
    The milkman is a familiar face and the paper boy is too blearly eyed to notice!

    I like PieNappers advice though ... get tattoos - the bigger the better!
  • I'm just soooo bored of kids shouting "118 - got your number". They seem to think I've never heard it before. To be honest, I quite like being whistled and hooted at - gives the old ego a boost, even if they're just taking the mickey! I usually give them a smile and a wave.
  • Hmmm think I'll start running in long sleeves, I kinda want kids to shout at me now :OP
  • I'd love to get my hands on a paintball gun and run with it. Anyone who makes a stupid comment would get splatted.
  • Yeah, just shoot back!
  • I was running round my local area. I have done this run, same time for the past year on roughly the same route. But this time i had my dog (Alsation (sp?)) with me. I had three boy about 8 -10 on bikes try to attack me, kick me and hit me with their back tires. But what made it so funny on my part was my dog was this the ring leader of the group was doing a pass. So my dog ran and jumped into the side of him, knoked him of the bike and proceded to brake and show his teeth at him. the other two ran off on their bike. You should have seen his face, but i think what would of happened without my dog being there. He is now my regular running partner. (can they come on races, dogs that is).
  • I got jumped on by a drunk in Sefton Park in Liverpool years ago. I punched him in the mouth and carried on running straight to the doctors surgery and had a tetanus injection. I've still got the scar on my knuckle today (and this happened about 15 years ago.)
  • Ok, so paint guns, bullet proof jackets, helmets, tetnus jabs up to date, preferably a first aid kit, and a trusty canine backup. Got it. And there was me thinking that running kit was all about shoes.
  • No wonder its called technical gear then lol!!!
  • In answer to previous question, the person who did this wasn't caught even though the police were positive they knew who it was. Good on you fat face, I find it amazing that people attack us runners / joggers. My girlfriend uses me instead of a dog - my bite is worse!!
  • Im starting to think myself lucky!
    I tend to try and avoid running in the town as get the usual horn honking, men whistling kids standing in path, teenage girls shouting 'keep running fatty' (luckily I know I ain't big anymore!) - however I take my dog with me always and the kids quickly move to the side as she isnt the smallest of creatures (although she is more likely to lick anyone to death than hurt them).
    I live in big town on the edge of the countryside so, unless it has rained lots, I run there. Its like a completely different world - I get lots of nods, smiles, hellos, people talking to the dog - dont think I have ever recieved one nasty comment there.
    Think I would have given up if I had been shot at or a bottle thrown at me, sounds scary :0
  • Don't want to go into a rant about the state of modern society, but it does make me sad that people think it's ok to behave in this way. And the police are so ineffective. Sounds old personish, but I would never have dared shout at people when I was young, I was scared of adults (still am sometimes).
  • Same here.
  • Found I had to run on my own quite often when training for first marathon, even though I'm a member of a running Club. Lowest point was one dark and wet evening when I'd gone out for an hour or so to try and clear my head (my Mum has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and running seems to be about the only thing that keeps me sane/helps me get a good night's sleep at times). Some charming bloke decided to slow down, wind down his car window and be really nasty and abusive - nothing I hadn't heard before but nevertheless it really upset me at the time. Then the icing on the cake was running through a big pile of dog poo on the way home in the brand new pair of running shoes I was trying to break in. Made it through the front door and then promptly burst into tears. Under normal circumstances the inevitable heckling and abuse, and the odd bit of dog poo, don't really register on the radar screen but sometimes these things really do get to you.
  • Ouch Lard, not good at all. I think it's quite understandable to react that way to small things when you have other stressful things going on. Running is a great stress releiver, being heckled or not.
  • The amount of times that I've run past a gang of kids and one shouts 'got a spare cigarette??' is unbelievable.

    Do they seriously think I'm about to stop, reach into my shorts and pull out a full pack of lucky strikes or something?

  • Very true - shame there's no way GPs can prescribe it on the NHS. I know I would really struggle if I didn't run.

    No matter how hard life becomes or how difficult your problems, it all seems easier to cope with somehow at the end of a run. Wish I'd discovered this sooner in life rather than in my thirties.

    Still wish it was possible to have a heckle free run however. Went out last night with the running club and also had gangs of kids shouting '118' the whole time - do they really think they're being witty and original?! - along with the other comedians who encourage you to 'pick your feet up - left right left right etc'
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