Are my Asics GT2070s leading to hip pains?

I've been running for a couple of years and up until about 3 weeks ago i've just run in a "normal" pair of running shoes bought from a high street sports shop.

About 6 weeks ago i did my back in so i thought to reduce the chances of this happening again i need a proper pair of runners. I went to a running shop and was given a lot of time and was told i am an slight over pronator. It was recommended anything out of the Asics range should do (they had several other makes). I was told that the GT2070 is Britains biggest selling shoe, so thought that'll do for me.

Ever since my left hip has been really painful. I've had knee, back and ankle problems in the past but never any problems with my hips.

I'm off to see a sports physio tonight but was curious if anyone else has a similar experience. I can't really afford to spend another £70 on a pair of shoes but i'm begining to think i've got no choice.


  • No idea but take your new and old shoes along to the physio - they might give them some clues.
  • Hi Paul - not exactly the same experience but...I started running three months ago and was told I was a neutral runner. So bought recommended shoes. After a few weeks I started getting pains in my right knee and quads. Went to another running shop and told I overpronate. So bought recommended Asics 1070s. After a fortnight in these, I'm now getting bad ankle pain in my right leg. So next week I've booked in to have a proper gait analysis done by a podiatrist. This will cost a bit more than yet another pair of shoes, but I hope it will be worth it. I'm getting really miserable not being able to run without it really was bad enough will all the ordinary beginner's aches. I'd be really interested to know what your physio says tomorrow - do post what happens.
  • I had a similar experience with the 2060's. I seemed to be spending more time at the Physio than out runnng.
    So I decided to buy some new shoes, I purchased a pair of Saucony Grid Omni and have not had a problem since. I've read a few threads on this site about people having problems with Asics 2060/70's.
  • Dunno if this makes any sense but here goes - ask the physio/podiatrist...

    I used to get knee pain due to being an overpronator, but then got antipronation shoes. In my case this was partly caused by a problem near the top of my leg, whichmeant the feet had to roll in otherwise it was uncomfortable, which triggered the pain in the knees. Since the anti pronation shoes reduced the roll in, the knee pain stopped - but this left me back with the original cause of the roll in at the top of the legs.

    It was a bit more complex than this as part of the over pronation was also due to feet problems, but that's the gist of it - curing a problem in one place may just transfer the problem to elsewhere. I would imagine a good physio would take all this into account and go for an overall broad view rather than just a localised one.

    Hope that made sense!
  • Yes, Iain, that does make your case, how was the problem solved?
  • thanks for feedback. i'll let you know what the physio says. I may burn the 2070s on the bonfire then.
  • Just in time for 5 November!
  • well now i am confused. been to physio and have been told my shoes are not the problem and the hip pain is a consequence of a back injury from a couple of months ago. Sounds plausible i guess but my back has been fine since i had a coarse of osteopathy and a couple of weeks rest.

    Oh well, guess i have to put some faith in people better qualified than me.

    Best not set fire to the Asics just yet then!!!

    I've signed up for some treatment (Ker-ching!!) but have been told i can continue running but stop if it gets any worse.
  • So Paul, are you going to go back to your old shoes or stick to the Asics? And did the physio know why you were having problems with only your left hip?
  • meerkat, the fact the problem is only with the left hip was one of the reasons she thought it wasn't the shoes, i.e if it was the shoes both hips would have problems.

    Also my previous back problems which up until yesterday i thought were unrelated were on the left side of my lower back.

    I'm still not sure but i'm having my running style looked at next week so that will really help i hope.

    the Asics are staying for the time being as the old ones are fit for nothing.
  • Thanks for that, Paul. I'm really intrigued by what you've found out, and what my podiatrist might say to me next week...hope the running gets easier for you from now on!
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