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Hi - I've been running 6 months, following a 5K schedule which increased the time run in a nice simple fashion. The last 5 weeks or so, I carried on in the same pattern before running my 10K, so I built up to 2x25 mins with a 1 min walk.

Now I can't keep on adding 5 mins a week! and I suspect that running 50 minutes 3 times a week isn't the best idea (knee and leg-wise?). I would like to do another 10K in a few months time, maybe some 5K's in between?

I'm not very performance based (I'm never going to be Good, but I would like to get Better) and I don't want to do anything too complex.

I'm thinking along the lines of running maybe 30 minutes easy on one day, having one day where I maybe try some faster bursts (not so sure about this - how many, how long?) and increasing the mileage gradually on one day a week.

What do you recommend? What do you do?


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    i did think I might be bombarded with advice ... Never mind.

    I did go back and look again at the RW training bits - I still don't like the 10K schedules (too much number crunching) but looking further, I do rather lilke the advice given in the 10 mile articles. I might print it off and adapt it for a lower mileage (to begin with? - who knows) or something similar.

    It's jsut like a few months ago, when I was only doing 5 mins run/walk, not knowing where you're going, but it does come together if you just keep at it and do what feels right, I suppose.

    I was a bit concerned that 3 days of running for 50 mins or so was not good as I was troubled by quite a few minor niggles over the last month or so. they seem to have passed, fingers crossed.

    thanks for your reply, Johnny J. Anyone else want to add your two pennorth?
  • I'm a real novice, just starting out - did RFL last weekend, and now thinking about a half marathon!! So not really in a position to advise, but I will anyway!
    I too found the number crunching of the training on here too complicated, seemed to need access to a track for the intervals stuff.
    So I looked at HalHigdon.com, recommended here and elsewhere.
    His Novice half marathon does not get that complicated, there are 10K schedules too, so why not look at that?
  • Good advice, beanz, the RW training schedules are not beginner-friendly. I'm a big hal higdon fan, and can recommend his stuff.

    Pippi, I can't really offer much detailed advice for a regime to follow, but why don't you consider joining a local running club? They tend to be very welcoming towards beginners, and you'll get as much guidance as you want. If this isn't feasible, why not do some reading? There are loads of good running books out there. Have a wander round Amazon or one of the big bookshops, and you'll find something to suit you that can take you forward.

    The other suggestion is that you think about moving up to a half marathon in the Autumn, and following a training schedule to get you there. This will provide plenty of structure and discipline to your training.

    Good luck

  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    Thanks. I've been Googling and came up with a few simple ideas. I suppose it's just try it and see which suits, and/or adapt it.

    I don't fancy a half-marathon -YET! It is a longer term ambition though (no stopping me now!)
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