10k - how often

How often should I run a 10K race?

There seem to be quite a few going on, and I am looking at 3 all on consecutive weekend, is this to many?

I suppose I could treat a couple as normal training runs.


  • Depends on how much you are doing between the races. In summer, the Grand Prix series of races have 5mile and 10k races nearly every week - and you have to do 5 out of the 8 in our local GP to have a finish result.
  • Will your 10k's be flat out - for you. If so you might find 3 consecutively too much.

    Personally I do them as structured training runs - I'm never going to win one but enjoy the event and the motivation of getting out and doing them, that's not to say I don't press myself but there is a difference between running and competing. In which case one a week is fine - if I wasn't doing it I'd be doing a 5-6 mile run on my own anyway.

    Make any sense?
  • Krissy,

    You dont say how long you've been running but to be honest if you think you can run 3 10k's in consecutive weeks, you probably can.

    I find this time of year I need all the motivation I can get to run and frankly I dont think there's much better spur than having a race to look forward to. I'm probably doing it all wrong but I tend to only do one run between races when they are on consecutive weekends and with trick or treaters, fireworks, fog etc that suits me just fine.

    Go for it!
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