It's easy, just get up and go...

When asked what i like about running, often my reply is the freedom, can go out when or where I want and just need me shorts, shoes and a t shirt and i'm done. The reality is somewhat different...

1) Check plan decide on route/session
2) Decide when i'm running, start drinking and aim to eat at least 1hr before
3) Choose/find kit
a - Top; choice - long sleeve, short sleeve or vest.
b - Bottom; choice - long or short, if short then need cycle shorts underneath
c - Underwear - running pants
d - Socks, find a matching pair
e HRM, where's the strap?
f GPS, GF201, is it charged?
g Sunglasses/hat/gloves depending on season
4) Apply vaseline to feet (and eybrows if v hot)
5) Check nipples for wear and tear - cut out and apply 2 small plaster squares
6) Choose shoes - which are dryiest, least smelly.
7) Get changed
8) Get key/mobile/money
9) Fill water bottle
10) Go out door
11) Go back cos forgot bottle
12) Stretch
13) Walk, allowing GPS to get a 'lock'
14) At last, run!!


  • You forgot to download your favourite MP3's onto your player!
  • LOL!

    very very true, Bod!

    (except 5, of course)
  • 1) wake up
    2) sit in the dark for an hour having not really woken up
    3) step outside and ask myself 'why?'
  • (only after having got dressed I might add)
  • wake up realise I have a terrible hang over after a night out where i didn't get home until 2am.

    Try to make myself feel better with the thought that i may do this once or twice in a year

    Feel terrible - wish could turn back clock and redo evening.

    decide there is no way i can run as can hardly stand

    think NEVER EVER again (drink alcohol) that is
  • All v true Bod - except for 5 & GPS thingy. I would also like to add;

    - check self in mirror to decide if I look athletic or like a stupid idiot

    - change outfit several times to see which best covers wobbly areas

    - assure other half i won't get run over/get mugged/get lost
  • I live in a block of flats and my morning runs normally involve a few trips up and down in the lift as I argue with myself over whether to get out there and run or go back to bed. Most of the time, I eventually make it out the door!
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