Where Do You Go To, My Lovely?

A friend of mine is taking up running, and needs to find a specialist running shop where he can get some good advice. I went to Camden, but that doesn't help him - he lives in Coventry.

Anyone know of a good running shop which gives sound advice in the Coventry area???


  • Peterborough is about 1.5 hours away and Advance performance are pretty good. website www.advanceperformance.co.uk. Telephone 01733 891111
    Just off junction 19 of the A47.

  • Thanks, Dangly - I'll let him know!
  • Sweatshop in Brierley Hill is good. I know there have been a few complaints about sweatshop, but this particular branch has not been the subject of any I understand.

    Also possibly Bourne Sports in Stoke - bit further away

  • Thanks again!
  • He could try sutton runner - se advert in RW mag...
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