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Now that winter/autumn is here, I am limited for my evening runs to bashing around my local town, which unfortunately can get slightly dull. To alleviate this I've just bought myself an MP3 player and I wondered if anyone had any good ideas of how to carry it around and protect it from the prodigious amounts of sweat I seem to produce. I rang my local Sweatshop, but the bloke couldn't recommend anything that would be waterproof.

If anyone could suggest something, I would be extremely grateful, as I don't want to ruin my new toy within five minutes of getting it!




  • Hi Andy,

    Case Logic do a neat little neoprene holder that fits mp3 and small minidisc players.

    Havn't field tested it in heavy rain, but looks fairly watertight.
  • Hi Karaoke Pacer

    Thanks for that - do you have any ideas where I could buy Case Logic stuff?


  • Hi Andy,

    I got it in a duty free shop at Gatwick but I'm sure I've seen them in the high street electronic shops (Dixons etc).

    Case Logic also have a web site that you could search for so you can get the reference number in case the shop does not stock that particular one but could order it for you. I've looked for a reference number on my neoprene holder but nothing on it.

    Hope this helps
  • Andy,

    If you have now found it yet it's (logically!)

    and the model is mpc2 (mp3 player case 2 - even more logically!)

    Hope you find it (and also find that it is what you need).
  • I noticed in my local running shop that he was selling what used to be old cassette carries with a new wacky label saying 'ideal for MP3 players'. That is from Bike & Run in East Finchley (it is listed in the back of runners world under london shops)
  • Thanks all for your help Karaoke & Polebear. I looked at the Case Logic site and got a phone number for their UK distributor (01844 219000 if anyone is interested), and one is now in the post on its way to me. £15 incl P + P - not too bad and I'll now have some music to take my mind off the pain!
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