OK, I'm so sick of this problem that I'm going to forums I haven't been to before to try to find some help. Please I hope someone here has the answer!
I am having a problem with bra chaffing. It happens under my breasts, on the top of them, and on my underarms. I wear bras that fit and that are coolmax, wicking whatever you want to call it. I of course still sweat a lot, so I'm not sure that really matters. I can't figure it out. It usually only happens on longer runs. Please someone tell me of a bra that won't do this, or tell me of some way to prevent it happening again. To say nothing of the way I look after one of these chaffing runs, it really hurts! Thanks in advance for any good advice!


  • All I can suggest is the bra I use, and still can't quite how good it is. It is an Enell bra from It is more like an extremely tight cropped top design, not pretty looking, but there is absolutely no bounce whatsoever, and I think that's the reason I haven't found anywhere that chafes either, and I sweat (sorry, glow) profusely too.

    I hope that helps. My only other suggestion would be talc or vaseline.
  • Bad problem for both sexes. I tend to chafe between my legs in longer races until I discovered Proglyde. I don't know if it's available in the UK, but it works great for any chaffing problems. For woman too.

    Yours in running

  • There's a similar thing called Bodyglide which apparently triathletes use a lot under wetsuits - it doesn't stain or wash away. You can buy it over the web (try, under tri gear, wetsuits). There've been a few threads over the past few weeks on decent bras - kwall, it might be worth doing a quick search! From memory has a good selection.
  • Obviousely I don't have a problem with bras, so can't help you there, but a bit of good old vaseline between the legs works a treat for me.

    So what's the difference between this and something like Proglyde?
  • Having suffered from a similar problem (which occurs only very ocassionally now) I have found using a barrier type cream does help alot. Also ensure you are wearing the correct size of bra and think seriously about changing the style or type of bra you are wearing.
  • Somebody did suggest KY jelly but was that a different web forum?
  • I had this problem with berlei shock absorber bras. I have found the problem has gone since switching to sportsjock bras, they are tight crop top styles, sounding like the enell one described above. On this type of bra, the band underneath is thick and wide, and comfy, unlike the razor edges found on the shock absorber type. (they don't seem like razor edges initially, but after a few miles they do!)
  • fat girl slim- Sorry to be a pest, but I really want to get this right and not have to deal with it again! I went to the Sweatshop webpage and they have 2 options for sporstjock bras. Big and small breasted. Do you use one of these, or have you found more elsewhere, and if so, which do you use (if you know)? And there was also the option of fabric, the more expensive being supplex. I assume you have this added feature for comfort?
  • There is a website sportsbra and another one called lessbounce. These have an extensive collection of bras and also support and advice by telephone. One of the websites also has consumer comments listed and I found that quite helpful. I skimmed through both of them and found out that I needed a bra with bounce facor 4 (or anti bounce I suppose). I went for a Berlei and have not regretted it.
    Are you sure you have a correct size of your bra?
  • hi kwall! Much sympathy, I go totally with FGS, exactly my experience, I have the more expensive version of the sportjock, had those over your head with a little hook shockabsorber, fine for up to 1/2 hr, killer after. I 'm a 36 biggish b cup in real life, and I have the less deep of the 2 depths, if this makes sense. have a good site for comparing etc. Good luck!!
  • Kwall
    I have only seen two options for sportsjock bras, so yes mine must be one of the ones you saw. I got it from

    They do one for a,b,and c cups, and one for d & dd. Not sure about the options of fabric though.
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