OK, I'm so sick of this problem that I'm going to forums I haven't been to before to try to find some help. Please I hope someone here has the answer!
I am having a problem with bra chaffing. It happens under my breasts, on the top of them, and on my underarms. I wear bras that fit and that are coolmax, wicking whatever you want to call it. I of course still sweat a lot, so I'm not sure that really matters. I can't figure it out. It usually only happens on longer runs. Please someone tell me of a bra that won't do this, or tell me of some way to prevent it happening again. To say nothing of the way I look after one of these chaffing runs, it really hurts! Thanks in advance for any good advice!


  • Mrs Barkles has just got a sports Bra designed for runners, and reckons things are much more comfortable.
    It's American, but that's all I'm allowed to know.
  • I use the Ennell (American) Bra - which stops everything moving - but I still chafe badly & have permanent scars in places which would make MadamX look like Bambi.

    Being positive - just wait til you start wearing a Heart Rate Monitor as well !!
  • Funny thing. Both have recommended American bras. I'm American and the bras I wear for running are from the UK. Maybe I should take a trip to my parents house! And I do wear a heart rate monitor as well. Yes, it can be a pain, but sometimes I think it prevents problems from the bra. Scars???Permanent???? That is what I want to avoid.
  • Try
    mail order bras - superb advice - import from America - phone them up and don't be put off if a bloke answers! Just ask for Clare (at least I think that was her name!)

    Their site takes ages to load tho'

  • I've never had this problem, but as I'm fairly small perhaps this is why. But I some ideas - does your bra give enough coverage, and is it tight enough? I would think that if it keeps you securely in place, then you would have a lesser risk of chafing? In the meantime, try using vaseline on the bits that chafe.
  • I also use the Enell Bra - it's excellent at keeping the boobs firmly in place - but I've also got permanent scars!!! I get lots of blisters and chaffing.. the only way I can ease the pain a bit while running is to put plasters over the sore bits beforehand..!!
  • try tegaderm dressings under your bra. see my other message under "nipple chafing"
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