As I live in a rural area with no pavement/streetlights I am going to invest in a treadmill later this year.
(I don't want to start from scratch next spring!)

I have looked on the web and am leaning towards a Delta Advantage - approx £650.

Does anybody have any experience of this model/general advice.



  • Carol,

    If buying a tread mill for general running week in week out it can be a little boring so I would ensure that the treadmill could offer such features as tilting for hill running and perhaps eaven pre programmed 'courses' which go some way to replacating a un-even running route.

    It is important to remeber that running on a tread-mill is striclty easier than running on the road outside. If you buy one with tilt then you should automatically set the tread mill to + 1-2% to replicate friction etc that you would experience on outside terrain.

    To keep your interest in doors I have found that fartlek and speed intervals are ideal for the teradmill with a desired speed being easily managed and maintained.

    Happy Treadmill running!!.

    p.s. make sure you have plenty of water to hand as it can get significantly warmer than usual running indoors without the great britich weather to cool you down.!!.
  • When buying a treadmill look at the garantee & warantee, this is where the cheaper ones let you down.
    They seem to break it down into 3 sections, parts, labour and motor.
  • Hi Jim/PM

    Thanks for the advice. I have also found some reviews on this web site, all in all I think I may have to increase my budget!
    Does anyone know where I can try out/buy treadmills in Essex or East/central London.

    PS. I think I knew I had become a "proper" runner when I changed from "oh good it's raining,I don't have to go" to "so it's raining, who cares I'm going"

  • Carol,
    There are some good sports equipment web sites, or believe it or Argos do some of the more expensive cheap ones.
    Happy shopping
  • I got Reebok rt2000 from Argos.... newer Rebok versions are bettre and slightly cheaper......... excellent for the cold period ! ! !
  • Hi Carol

    Just seen this - just gone back on this site after some time away - Any way I just bought a treadmill - got a great deal from glasgow Horizan paragon for £925 instead of £1600- did you get yours yet? If not let me know and I'll send you url's of some sale sites.


  • Hello Dave

    Snap! I've had my Horizon Paragon about 6 or 7 weeks now. Do you use the pulse monitor, I find it very inaccurate. I find long runs on a treadmill a bit tedious, any tips?.


  • I've bought a tv and put it in front of the treadmill, you can't hear much unless you have it realy loud so either get some headphones, press text 888 or just upset eveyone in the house.
  • Hi Carol

    Good choice - great minds and all that? I have put a decent stereo in front of mine and cut some cd’s with a bit of techno music – that seems to work. I am going to try some classical soon but nothing to involved.

    The heart rate monitor is way out. I have a polar m51 and I stick the watch over the front panel. The difference is huge. I wonder what the trading standards position is on a feature that is obviously not as it should be – has anyone else had problems with the heart rate on the paragon?

    I am new to running – only been running for about 10 weeks now. One thing I had always heard about running was that it was boring. Compared to other stuff I’ve done it is – treadmill or over the park makes no difference. However – all things considered it was a good buy – I use it three times a week and can easily monitor my heart rate (with the polar) distance, speed etc. Also I do not have the usual hazards – dog poo – idiots – rain – etc and the snow and ice is on its way as well!

    One other thing you might try for the CV training is circuit training. If you are near Romford YMCA they do an advanced circuit training session on Tuesdays that is unreal. I have done it a few times and although it kills me I can feel (suffering?) the good its doing.

    Anyway good luck

  • Mine'a Nordick track and the HR reading's all over the place as well. So I use a cardio sport. I shouldn't have to but I'm buggered if I'm going to put it back in the car & take it back to Cost-co.
  • Hi Dave/Pizza Man,

    I do have a stereo system in the same room as the treadmill, have to have that up loud as well-luckily I don't have any immediate neighbours. I find some music is made for running while some simply isn't. I've not tried classical but even as a 40 something! find some Robbie Williams is the right tempo.

    I don't find running outside boring as I always take a dog, for protection as well as enjoyment. It also takes my mind of the pain worrying what my Border Collie is up to round the next bend! I also can't complain about dog poo!

    Dave you have only been running 10 weeks & you have a HR monitor, I'm impressed. I've been running about 18 months & still haven't. If I'm really sad I'll ask Father Christmas for one!!

    You were right about the heat/water PM I can't believe how much I sweat running indoors. Heating off, windows open & I still end up looking like I stepped out of an over active sauna.



    PS I worked in Romford at one time Dave but I now live in the North of the county.
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