Longest Day - training on the actual course 11th-12th June

For those competing in Longest Day and anyone else interested I am trying to arrange access to Gailey Reservoir Friday 11th June. This will be during a Black Country triathletes training session. I am also intending to ride the bike course the following day (Saturday 12th June) and will make this a long training session e.g. 100 miles or Brick session.

I know some of you had expressed an interest in coming along to one or both of these days and it will certainly help get a feel for the course and conditions etc.

1) If you are still interested in the swim can you please let me know by Monday 31st May, after which I will give Stuart Steele of BCT a call to make the arrangements.

2) If interested with the bike session again let me know and we can arrange to meet up on 12th June though I will be cyling at about 16-17mph. If that’s to slow we could maybe do a lap together and go at out own speed from then

I guess the likely meeting times would be 7pm for swim and 9am for bike.

Andrew are you still ok with these dates and times?


  • I think the swim starts at 6pm, not 7pm - I'll have to check.
  • Ok thanks, ive already booked Friday off work so any time is ok.
  • Carl, I am not sure about the swim because of a family commitment on the friday afternoon but I am still ok for the bike. A friend who I sometimes train with and has done LD many times as well as other IM may come as well. I/we would drive up friday night and probably stay at the Travel inn near the stadium, we could meet at the stadium on the sat morning. I have been doing all my riding on my ATB as my road bike is in bits from its respray and it needs new forks, as well as for the comfort factor. So you won't be going too slow(probably the opposite)
  • Good, if you cant make the swim we'll arrange to meet on the Saturday. A friend of mine may come and I think there is someone from Tritalk interested.
  • Carl, if it's ok to join in, there're 2 of us who would like to come up and train on the 11th and 12th.

    Does anyone from the area know of any camp sites nearby so we can bring our camper van and stay over on the Friday night?
  • I'll see what i can find out. I'll email Martin Dodd (Race Organiser) and let you know.
  • Reply from Martin Dodd.

    Hi Carl,

    We will be swimming at Gailey Reservoir from 4th June, so you are
    welcome to swim on the 11th June from 6pm onwards

    There is a campt site right outside the Reservoir, but unfotunatley I do
    not have their number at the moment. I will find this for you and let
    you know.

    Martin Dodd
  • Carl, if you are sure it is ok then 2 of us would also like to attend, but for the swim only on the Friday night. Is there any cost involved?

    What sort of numbers are you after because I could extend your link to our club.....but ony if it suits you obviously.
  • The swim at Gailey is free!
  • Ta Martin
  • TCS

    Shouldnt be a problem, that will take the numbers up to 5-6 I guess - guess its ok to invite some of your club members but I would be careful, I wouldnt want to impose on their hospitality by turning up with 20 or 30 people.
  • OK, I will tell them to contact you through this thread so you keep control....not sure if there will be that many really as the dee mile is the following Wednesday.

    Thank you for your efforts anyway
  • Got this email forwarded to me by Stuart Steele of BCT... im a bit confused as to wether we can swim at Gailey or not, will make further inquiries

    "BCT wrote on 27/5/04 10:03:

    Open Water Swimming at Swan Pool
    As swimming is cancelled at Wolverhampton(GAILEY). BCT have decided to swim
    at Swan Pool on Wednesday nights. If you are a Novice or inexperienced Open
    Water Swimmer and would like to join a BCT organised swim please contact
    Paul Kingscott on prkingscott@yahoo.com or by mobile on 07736 935913

    On Wednesday 09 June Paul has offered to assist a small group with open
    water swimming. If you want to swim in an open-water event but are perhaps a
    little nervous or have never worn your wetsuit before or just want to swim
    in open-water in the knowledge that there will be others there to assist
    then this is the session for you. We will aim to get in the water at 1830.
    We will swim as a group so please do not get in the water until you speak
    to Paul.


    Best wishes,
  • Carl, I was going to say we won't be coming along on the 11th & 12th now due to work, although from the above posting it looks like the swimming is off on Friday anyway. Would have liked to do the cycle course on Saturday, but will probably be stuck in front of a computer instead. Hope you have a good training weekend.
  • Swimming is on for this Friday, confirmed with Martin Dodd.

    "We are swimming from this Friday and it will be every week until after
    the Longest day.

    6pm start to get into water.

    Martin Dodd

    Andrew and I are meeting at the lake around 5.30-6.00 to join BCT for OW Practise. We are then meeting again at Travel Lodge 8.30-9.00 to do one 60 mile lap of the bike course and 1 8ish mile loop of the run course.
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