Salisbury Half 02.03.03


Finally, I've got some kind of info as to how to enter this race.

It's going to be posted on their website soon (Warminster running club) with a map of the race.

It's £7 to enter, cheques made payable to Warminster Running Club. Postal entries close February 14th 2003 . The guys name to send any early cheques is Roger Broberg, 12 Rosenheim Rise, Brattton, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 4SU

I have a copy of the entry form here and if anyone's got a good idea of how I can post it on the URWRCF website I would do it gladly.

Looking forward to seeing you all there. Must do a run sometime - haven't been out for a week, afraid I might break a leg . It's dangerous out there, ask Cougie.


  • Daisy

    Are you local to this?

  • Kind of

    It's about 20 -30 miles away from me
  • Same here.

    I am probably going to take part but am very wary of running with a lot of extremely fit an fast runners.

    This will be my first or second half so will be plodding round.
  • Fiona

    I did my first half at Windsor in 2.04.45 Since then my running has ground to a halt. It's just too dark and cold out there.So I will be considerably slower in March. Don't worry,not every Forumite is speedy but we're all cheerful and supportive. I think we need to organise a "last in" prize.

    Do come along - it should be fun.
  • Well done Daisy. I'm getting a bit worried about myself, I mean, thinking about entering races 4 months in advance is so not me!

    Do you have the URL for the Warminster Running club? I'd like to know what I'm letting myself in for.

    Fi - Worry not, I also did Windsor and managed 2.16 so Daisy'll be ahead of us both.
  • Hi Murf

    I just entered Warminster Running Club on Google and I got it so try that. They sound very friendly and are intrigued by the idea of a virtual running club. There's usually only about 100 entrants so I think the Forumites could make thier mark.

    I do mean it about not getting out there. I only did 12 miles last week and this week I've done NOTHING but I'm going to try ot go out in an hour or so for a nice relaxing run and try to remind myself why I do it...
  • Daisy thank you for this. Wonderful excuse to get me back to Salisbury Plain - I adore the place. I was thinking of you the other day because my mum gave me a photo of me post Vrynwy half with my Daisy Dog!!
  • You have a Daisy dog too - there are a lot of them about.

  • She is big and blonde and very vey sweet. She is my dog-sister really (parent's dog).
    When you first logged on I thought it was her checking up on me!!
  • DD you're a star, thanks
  • Thanks DD....x
  • Gee, schuks, that's alright, my pleasure.

    LDB Dog sister (?!!*$£^%$) - be careful, you're a badger, not a dog. Even if you do have the prettiest of little pink paws...
  • Pernickity Butt, that is my slightly icklebitbigerlovecub, Bilbo. You missed his newborn picture - even cuter!!

    And the above is Foxy's arrrrrrse!
  • Er that is above you, not above me (sorry Daisy Dog!)
  • Actually I think my idea of clubbing together and getting a prize for the last Forumite in is a really good one. I think I'm hot favourite for that one...
  • Daisy Dog

    No way will you win that prize!

    I will still be finishing when everyone has gone home. Thats if I finish....

  • LDB

    That's OK, I've been compared to worse things in my life than that delicious posterior.

    Actually, as her friend do you think you should tell Foxy that her thong seems to have got all scrumpled up (what HAS she been doing?) and is working its way down her leg? I'd do it myself but I don't want to embarass her...
  • PB

    Would that be wrong?

    (you're just sooooo pernicketty) ;O)
  • PB

    Some of us will be walking/running very slowly as that is all we can do!
  • Well I could...but I think you'd like to more...
  • DD, you belong on the darkside with one liners like that
  • Yeah maybe BK, but whenever I go over to the dark side there's no one there...

    And it's scary alone in the dark
  • Just browsing through this lovely thread to see which delights will be off to Salisbury and shock horror - my thong.......!!!!

  • Darling

    I would have said but I didn't want to embarass you. Has it been like that ALL weekend?

  • It sure has.... [blush]

    [luckily no-one else has noticed so I might get away with it...? - at least there's no VPL ]
  • boing,and i've just entered.
    i notice there is a team prize-though i think thats for speed not for most entries from a virtual club.....
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