The wall !!

Hi, I ran the Cardiff Marathon in September, after 12 weeks progressive training. I was OK till about 17miles when I just had to stop for a bit and from then on it walk/run. I had not dehydrated and had taken 2 lots of Gel enery stuff during the run but I still hit the wall. Any advice on how to overcome this for my next marathon?


  • Paul, fuel availability may not be the issue. I stuffed myself with jellybeans during my last marathon and it did not one bit of good, I still slammed up against the wall at 21 miles. There are other substances involved in muscle physiology, notably acetylcholine. I suspect that there is no substitute for lots of mileage and, especially, some twenty mile plus long runs in one's preparation. Next time....
  • Hi Paul. had you done any running before starting to train for Cardiff? Was it your first marathon? As Wurzel says, you probably needed more mileage. The general gossip in the Clubs reckons doing a year of running before starting to train for a marathon so that you have plenty of 'run' in your legs and the muscles are used to the work.
    Have you decided on your next marathon? What training are you doing now?
  • Hi dangley and wurzel ! I have beena recreational runner for years, usually once or twice a week. I built up to the cardiff marathon over a few months following a training plan with longer weekend runs. The most I'd ran b4 the marathon was 20 miles at 8 minutes a mile. I'll try more 20+ mile runs before my next marathon which I hope will be sometime in the spring and then the cardiff one again in august. Thanks.
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