Oh what have I done!

Hi to all - am new to the site and am being brave!
I have started a running programme a few times before but always given up in the past - this year I am determined to keep it up and have been out 3 times a week for the last 2 months and taken it rediculously slowly but at least I am still going! I am STILL run/walking but this has enabled me to start running to one of my work sites which is only about 2.5-3 miles away but it's a good feeling that I manage it.
Today I was feeling madly positive ( think it was the sunshine !) and got all inspired and..............entered the Run for Life in July AND the Flora Challenge in Sep! Any advice very welcome!


  • Sounds great! Keep on enjoying it!
  • keep going michelle it is hard at times(read my message on i did my first jog thread!) i find that the breathing is hard somedays yet others it the pain barrier.we can all do it be positive and keep posting to us it all helps bye for now DM
  • Cheers - it's good to actually hear that i am not the only one struggling - I look at other runners in the park and always feel( probably am!) like I am the slowest plodder out - but at least I am out! Am going to run to work and back again tomorrow - am increasing my run time a tiny weeny bit! Thank you all for being inspirational - am off to plan my programme up to my first "public run" !
  • That's great Michelle. I've entered the Blackheath RFL on 11 July and the Flora Light as well. I've been running for 3 weeks or so now, and still enjoying it. It's good to hear of someone new, but further on in their programme, still enthused! I too used to hate x country at school. If only they'd used a run/walk programme, I'd probably have started this a lot earlier!

    Keep it up!
  • Sounds to me like you're doing really well. I've been running (if you can call it that!) for about 10 weeks and I'm still at the run for 3 or 4 mins and walk for 1 stage and slowly trying to build up to run for longer. I'm doing my RFL on 20th June so not long now. It's good to hear about people going through the same experience! Keep us posted.
  • I agree slow is best. All the occasions when I started and gave up were times I tried to do too much too soon and something went poi-oi-oing.

  • I've also done the same - was browsing this site a week ago, got all excited and entered RFL at Kempton Park in July and the Flora Light, and got going on week 1 straight away!

    I've got my first week 2 session (jog 2 walk 1) after work today, so you're weeks and weeks ahead of me...

    I guess there's loads of us who start/come back to running this time of year. Lets be the ones who carry on :-)
  • OOh, lovely - thanks guys - really glad that I took the plunge - have been to the gym this morning and did some weight training - have read bits and pieces and this is supposed to be good - cross training - and to be honest, I cycle a fair bit and am a real English pear - so I think increasing my upper body strength will help and hopefully develop a bit of fat burning muscle!
    Also, is it just me that finds it a lot more difficult to run outside ie park/pavement than on the treadmill? Why is this - is it different muscles or something? I can do alot more in the gym than I can in the park, without needing a walk break.....
  • Michelle,
    When you first go out on the road after the treadmill it is hard - I think everyone finds that. But stick at it, cos it is great running outside, fresh(ish) air, you can do it anywhere and at any time.
  • Hi All - Glad you still seem happy about your running.

    The treadmill is easier because the "ground" is always moving away from beneath your feet. To counteract this you should put the incline up to 1 (or whatever - I mean the first degree of slope!). Outside, the ground is more uneven, too, so you have to try harder, but you get people's gardens, sunshine, trees, flowers, etc. Guess where I prefer to run!

    Good luck everyone.
  • Hi there Michelle and well done!! You really sound like you are having fun and doing well.
    I find that although I'm completely exhausted when after an outside run, when I stop to track what I have done, it is always a lot better than on a treadmill. I naturally go faster outside for some reason. Perhaps this is the same thing with you? If you are going a lot faster than usual, you may be wearing yourself out quicker.
  • I'd like to think so! But i can't tell really.
    I feel like i'm going really slowly, even though i do "the talk test" - I have to stay at this pace or i am gasping!
    I shall have a go on the treadmill today and see how far I go at a comfy pace on the first incline.
    The good things is that I usually brisk walk to the local park, run round the whole thing and a little tiny bit more ( by the way, it's Victoria Park , East London, does anyone know the distance round it?) then brisk walk back as a cool down.
    When I run to work in Whitechapel (2.6 miles according to my bike computer!) I am there before I have finished my walk/run plan - so I am probably running about 5 k?
    Which is my goal for R4L in July!
    Hope you all have a great weekend - the weather is great today for a run, Cheers, Shellyx
  • I hate to steel your thunder, but 5k = 3.2 miles, but you are doing really well and th race is not until July, so you have ages to pick this up!

    Have fun and give yourself a big pat on the back!
  • Oh, I see what you mean -
    What I meant ( and hope!!!) is that what i usually do is run/ walk for 3 sets when i go to the park. When i run to work, I use the same run/walk sets but I get there before I would normally finish my run - therefore I am running more when i go in the park, hopefully it's the extra half a mile(It's an extra 8 minutes) to make it to up to the 5k?
    Hope that makes sanse - it's Shelly logic....
    This is where somone tells me Victoria Park in half the distance I thought......
  • Ahh - so you do your run around the park before the run to work? Gotcha! I usually run in the evenings, so I think that threw me a little.
    No idea about Victoria park bit, sorry.
  • Michelle and all other new runners,
    well done on starting out. yes it will seem as if you aren't making any progress and you dont seem to get any better but as the saying goes 'perfection takes time'
    Keep plodding away and you will gradually notice that what seems hard now will become an easy training run.
    When you feel you arent doing too well read the various threads and you will always find that there is someone either in the same position you are in or struggling at an earlier stage of their training.
    There is a whole world of experience on the forums, from absolute beginners to top athletes who are glad to help with advice and encouragement
    good luck for the future
  • Hi everyone - don't know if anyone is still reading this thread -but will type away anyway....
    Have changed my nickname to a nickname( getting computer savvy at long last...!)
    so I will now be known as Shellfish....
    Keeping you posted - have just finished a night shift, then did my longest run so far -2 runs of 13 minutes with a 1 minute break in between finishing on a 14.5 minute run, then cycled back from work!
    Feeling very pleased so thought I would share it - hope everyone's training is going well and that you all have a good dayx
  • Wow shellfish - that is really good after a night shift. I cannot imagine how I would fit training into shift work.
  • Michelle, If it's Victoria Park near Finchley it's about .4 mile, if it's the one near Bethnal Green & hackney it's about 2.8 (just measured both on Autoroute)

    By the way you seem to be building up nice and slowly which is good - small improvements are the best thing. When I restarted I aimed to do my normal route then an extra tree (when in the park) or another lampost etc each run just to make sure I was adding something each time.
  • Cheers Markie - that's great - it means that I've been running just about my distance I think - we will see on race day - not that I will be racing - finishing will be good enough for me! Autoroute sounds handy - will look it up on the net! Yeah, I have been going really slowly - all the other times I have given up coz it got too hard and I felt defeated but now I am bumping it up by a minute to 2 minutes a week until i am up to just........carry on running ( i have got my walk break down to a minute now).
    Couldn't have imagined 2 months ago that I would be running to work or running before I left for home after a shift but it's TRUE - I felt great this morning and I am sleeping really well.
    Thanks guys, hope you are all enjoying your running, have a good day! Shellfishxx
  • No probs Shell... If you're looking for a computer proggy then Accuroute is probably better for road/off-road. Autoroute's really for roads only but you can draw lines freehand which is what I did. Keep it up and keep looking back at your progress. Less than two years ago I was reluctantly entering my first 10k - I've done two half's, umpteen 10K's and my first off-road 10miler with 2 more coming up. I'm doing more at 45 than I've done since I left school !!
  • Well done, Shellfish!
    Just a thought - I started runing five years ago, the day before I was 50, and one of the things that kept me going when I needed something to motivate me was looking back at in my "training log." I just had an old notebook and recorded the date, distance, time, route, how I felt, etc. I took it gently, as I wasn't fit and because of my age.

    I can't find the first (1999) log, but the entry goes something like this:
    "1 mile, 14 minutes, 50-50 run and walk, women's beginners group. Enjoyed it."
    (Could hardly walk the next day)
    Here are the entries for the some other years:
    2000 - 5.5 miles; 1 hour 11 mins; OK
    2001 - 8 miles; 1:30; weather sunny, cool, windy; New shoes, leg ok, walked when muscle felt tight. (This was a training run for the London Marathon the following week)
    2003 - 26.2 miles; 2:25:36; very hot, good run (London marathon). Enjoyed it. Walking at normal speed afterwards (great way to spend a birthday!)

    I'm not bragging, but though I thought I might one day do a marathon, I didn't think I'd ever be so comfortable after finishing as I was this year. Good luck to you.

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