Buxom beauties 1/11/02

Arent we all gorgeous today??
Nope, cant convince myself
Weekend coming, and will be post on call, no hope of sensible eating and drinking
Still no crisps or choccie tho
Enjoy the day


  • ooer -who you calling buxom - big bellied maybe, fat bottomed definitely - but can honestly say I have never been buxom!

    Benz you are gorgeous to us even if you dont think so

    sleep well -uninterrupted hopefully
  • Buxom....... mmm........ couldn't possibly say! Feel like I'm eating for England at the moment though. Did I miss much on yesterday's thread? Was out on interview all day (don't know yet!) and haven't the strength to read the hundreds of posts.
  • EP - well done on your first blood donor session, we're all proud of you for it
  • Morning all

    And I am certainly not buxom ;o)

    Have to try and stop off the painkillers today – so when I go to se the osteopath, I can actually feel something when he goes “does this hurt?”


  • Hey everyone,

    Stuffed full of cold, and am wondering why I've come in to work, so I'm definitely not feeling gorgeous. But do my manbreasts count as being buxom?

    Good on ya, EP, for the donor session.

    WW - I know that feeling. Like when my physio was jamming her thumbs into my discs to find the knackered one - I think she thought she was being funny when I was there shouting in pain and she asked "Is that the one?". Oh how we laughed. Hope it goes well.

    Don't think I'll be running today somehow...

  • My calves are killing me today again, I wanted to go for another run this afternoon but looks like thats a no no now :-(

    Its my weigh in today and I've not lost anything this week despite being really good, its horrible when you don't get any immediate feedback from being good.
  • Morning all,
    Well, I'm also still eating for England..oh dear.. I'm going out with some friends tonight too - but luckily I'm driving so that's no alcohol - good! (oh what am I saying??!!). Anyway, just off out for gentle jog... have had very eventful morning so far - one cat has been sick everywhere and naughty Siamese Sassie legged it over the neighbours fence and the Mr had to go and retrieve him... I tried to call him back by doing Siamese Cat impersonations.. but he wasn't having any of it and actually wanted to go into the garden with the German Shepherd dog lives..!!! Right, I'm off for my run before the rain comes back..
  • Hi All

    WW big sympathies with your back, I only had a problem when I was pregnant but I remember the pain :-(

    Mr A
    Sorry about your cold, hope you feel better soon.

    Sassie, kept my fingers crossed for you, when will you find out?

    EP hope you have more energy today. Eat well,lots of green leafy things.

    SQ have you thought about going for a sports massage? Keep measuring your self it will pay off eventually.

    Hi every one else.

    Well, the diet fairy stole a half pound from me last night so I am now officially 10 st something. the fact that the something is 13.5lbs is irrelevant:-)

    Off for a tempo run today and trying for 40mins. that should kill some cals.
  • P.s. I could be done for trades descripion posting to this thread. Is there a term for sticking in breasts ?
  • Does anyone know how much roughly a sports massage would be?
  • Hi all, I've got huge melons and a belly to match these days! All my thin life I had a couple of bee stings and I used to dream of having a voluptuous cleavage - trouble is, now I've got one I don't like it at all!!

    Well done JJ you slender little thing you.

    SusieQ, don't worry, it'll happen.

    WW and Mr A - I've seen plenty of men with bosoms as large, or larger, than mine!

    Have a good day ;-)
  • In my youth when I was into body building I use to get girls coming up to me in pubs and grabbing my chest and saying:

    “There bigger than mine”

    There was no other option but to return this greeting in kind ;o)

    …. Those care free days of youth ….
  • SQ if you are in london you are probably looking at around £30 for 1.5 hrs, your local gym will probably have details of one.
  • Why thank you Redhead,

    at 5ft 7in and a big frame i don't think I can get a way with 'little thing' :-s
  • Thanks, I might have a look around, that doesn't sound too bad.
  • afternoon all

    feeling tired and a bit nauseous(ating!)

    too much foodlast night, slept too long - planned a fitness walk but its persisting down (grrllcat has just come in looking like shes been swimming -poor Buffy) ! Did half an hour of stretches instead - I am so stiff - will go to my physio for some loosening when Ive got some spare cash...

    No food yet - want to take it gently after last nights beanfeast- just peepermint tea

    enjoy the rest of Friday - 4 hours to the weekend!

    Michelle - arnt you racing on Sunday? lots of carbo loading and rest then!
  • oh dont think 39A/B could be classed as buxom but my bum is 46 DD! anyone know where I could get a buttock sling!
  • EP; a little bruising is normal, but who cares, maybe you've saved a life!

    JJ; I should hear by this evening.

    Everyone; I feel fat and unfit - my run this morning was a total flop!
  • Sassie
    It wasn't a total flop - you did it didn't you. You got kitted out and went out, you got exercise and fresh air and I bet you saw something that made you smile or wonder (unless you were on a treadmill with a blindfold).

    The world is a great place and you are fitter and healthier than you were before.

    Good luck

  • sassie
    you may feel fat and unfit but if you think you are FIT and UNFAT you will feel it - PMA!

    got to go and get some goodies for tomorrows hockey bonfire party - nibbles and fireworks oh and RW

    see you fitties later!
  • hellloooo

    am I talking to myself -is it something i said -is my socks(phew) is it my deoderant - is it my barty fottom - do i have spinach in my teeth?

    i know its friday night but..

    I have 3 words for you...

    Thorntons Licorish Toffee!

    Im off to buy some explosives!
  • Oh, knew why I wanted to go to the newsagent
    Time for second gin
    Stiil no crisps
  • Hi all

    Just a quick post as I have guests (again), Just to say hi and I'll catch up tomorrow
  • Thanks Nick and Bune. Heard about the job. Didn't get it. They said I was too good to be true! (You'll find out just how unreal that is at Brighton!)
  • Sorry Sassie

    too good to be true? and you didnt get the job er - were you scary or was the parish not ready for a woman priest?

    sounds like their loss to me
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