It's me legs doctor

Lousy run today, just 2.5 miles. Can anyone give advice please? My problem is my legs! My thighs (particularly my left one) go absolutely dead, and yet hurt at the same time, making it very difficult to put one leg in front of the other. Has this anything to do with lactic acid, about which I understand entirely zilch? I'm getting really paranoid about Brighton.......


  • Helloooooooooooooooooo?
  • Hiya Sassie
    - cant give a very informed view - but haven't you just had quite a heavy day - perhaps you are more mentally tired - were you driving or sitting for a long time-it was an all day interview wasnt it?

    My legs as yet very untrained do get tired especially after hockey training and I have found that fast walking is sometimes as good as a run for shaking the lethargy

    could it be a bit of pre race tension/ tieing up?

    im sure you will be fine at Brighton
  • Sassie, if it's a sort of combination of a dull ache across your whole leg, plus a sort of heaviness, that's lactic acid build-up (the chemical by-product of muscle metabolism that causes 'school cross-country jelly legs syndrome').

    If it's excessively localised (in one leg, or just one part of one leg) it may be something else; and you should maybe ease off on the training a little. :)
  • ever tried lying down with your legs up against the wall - a good energiser for tired legs
  • Sassie - I have exactly the same problem.

    Taken to extremes - my whole quads have seized up for weeks at a time and I've % been 100 unable to walk - (but kept on running as it wore off enough to limp after the first few 100 yards)

    All I can say is that I'm pretty sure I suffer from Exertional Rhabdomyolisis - in a chronic form - which is really rare. Horses get this as well - (azoturia).

    I'm going for tests soon at a local university who are trying to help me get to the bottom of this. I ran through it in Jan / Feb this year when it affected my left leg - but backed off this August when it started off on my right leg - so that now - rather than getting the complete muscle seizures - I just get numbness starting off in my bum and flooding thro the front and lateral quad muscles and if I keep pushing it - like tonight - I get total loss of control of my right leg - the left one is now fine !

    I've got a really high Heart Rate when I run (197) with a resting HR of 54-59 and really low blood pressure.

    I've had grossly discoloured urine after long (> 14 mile) runs - and sweat like mad.

    If these signs / symptons ring a bell with you then keep an eye on the General Sean Fishpool Heart Rate Training Thread as after I've had the tests done I'll post the results there.

    However it does seem that for some reason I just cant cope with lactic acid very well - so Ron is now training me to try to cope better with it!
  • Thanks everyone: SS, I'll look out for your post.
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