M dot venues

Ok, so Ironman is a trademark and longcourse triathlon is a prescribed distance.

Longest day is 15 hours, Mdot is 17 1/2 hours.

There are lots of hills in an mdot, a longcourse can be flat.

Or is it? how much of the above are true?
Isn't there an ironman in Florida (whose topography is similar to wirral, maybe, how do they get the ft climb there?

What are the differences and does it matter?


  • teraine differ from course to course - som are flat some are hilly

    I think cut off times differ 2
  • I think the difference is those events paying the mdot license fee!
  • ....but is mdot not a marketed product, so why the licence?

    This is where I get confused, so far other than the cut off times, there are no differences so far, apart from the eligability for the tattoo.
  • I wonder how Florida feels being likened to the Wirral?


    [deep macho voice] IronMan Wirral - the new challenge!

  • I'll get they never realised it before, I can see it now..."you are now entering Florida, the land of sunshine, twinned with Wirral" lol
  • hawaii qualification

    scouser, the only difference is that 'official' ones are sanctioned by the hawaii organisers, 'unofficial' ones aren't

    and the official ones have to go for big publicity and razzamatazz, and 'americanise' the whole thing, i believe, as part of the licence conditions

    some non-Mdot long course events have similar levels of support, non the less, but most are like comparing the Robin Hood Marathon to FLM (equal athletic event, but less of an Event with a capital E)
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    what about Enduroman? do they organise events only in the UK?
  • All I've seen are uk based Jose...
  • I'm beginning to get the picture now. It is only recently that I noticed that some tri-ers don't want to do Mdot on principle. It was this that got me wondering what the principles could be. Should have asked them at the time really.
  • other than the arch to arc one I guess!!!
  • Yse Jose, check their website, but none are classic IM distance.
  • True MM!
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    even the arch to arc is UK-based (somehow), and all of them, appart from the Portland's Bunny run, out of my league. It's why I wonder if they had smaller events somewhere else.
  • I don't think Eddie EnduroMan does small!!!!
  • Dang.
    got that Hanson song in my head again:

    #Emmmmmm Dot
    mm mm mm Emmmm Dot#
  • You end up abroad Jose!

    And no, Ed Ette tends to think big! (although Enduroman seems toned down this year, the swim anyway)
  • Do you have a link to eduroman, I'm even less familiar with that one, please?
  • Nic should somewhere....
  • The Wirral is a lot hillier than Florida !
    Bidston, West Kirby, Thurstaston, New Brighton, Wallasey, all have hills there.

    Ironman Wirral does have a ring.
    In fact the Lucozade Sport ad was filmed at New Brighton with the Chester Tri people as competitors.

    Swim at New Brighton then. Bike into North Wales and back, and I reckon from New Brighton to Chester along the A540 would be your marathon. Finish in the town centre.

    Mdot peeps - if you do this - I want a cut - OK ????

  • Cougie..
    set up yer own franchise to 'rival' himuk!!!!
  • Titanium Man !
  • I starred (well featured) in the ad. You can make me out on the screen....just, well 1/10 sec. As they run into the water on the right hand side, I have a red flash on the wetsuit... just in case you wondered, like
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭

    easy, isn't it?
  • Welcome on board TCS - you are now on the committe of Titanium Man - you can look after the swim eh ?
  • but what about the jellyfish. I can't do the Liverpoool tri 'cus someone mentioned the j word. We'll nned a jellyfish nuker.

    Marketing ploy,


    titanium man/jellyfish
  • do a joint ventue with Nemo's friend the sea turtle.

    'Jelly maaaaaaaaaaaan! Swweeeeeet!'
  • 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming'
  • Ooh let's see if I can do this...

    Label<Enduroman site>

  • And I can speak fluent Whale.
  • I like the sound of that. A jellyfish once nicked my spade on the beach at New Brighton when I was little. Fiendidh little things.
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