Big top problem!

Do not know if there is another thread running about this but I have a problem and can anyone help!!

Why is it that most sport companies think that women are under a size 16. I'm having trouble finding tops to fit me and am having to buy mens wear, which is ok but the colours are a bit naff. Is there anyone out there that is having the same problem, have I missed a company that caters for us "well stacked" ladies?


  • Interesting thread. Just thought I'd add an entry so that I can watch how things 'evolve'.... ;)
  • yes

    Im not well stacked - but at 39" chest and an ample waist/bum I do feel that most fitness gear for women goes up to 14 or 16 -but not realistic sizes - Nikes womens xlarge for example is a slim size 16 - which is not that realistic in terms of real women

    ok most sporty people are leaner rather than not but that doesnt mean that bigger people dont do sport and fitness activities

    running clothing is just as bad - not all runners look like Paula or Paul

    interested to know what the big chaps think too
  • Yep, have to buy mens clothes too
    (Well stacked of course, not fat)
    Hope the running shops are reading this
    Why cant you be like M+S with sizes
    Lycra means it fits, but sometimes we want a loose fit if were feeling self conscious
    Not bothered about the colours, just gotta cover the bum!!
  • Hi there, Snail

    I agree that this is v. frustrating. I'm actually fairly skinny by most estimates, but still find that most size 12s (Ron Hills, for instance) are ultra tight. It's enough to make me anorexic... Goodness help women who are actually well endowed!! I thiink I'd be giving up in despair...
  • exactky:)
  • So glad to here that it is not just me that is having problems.

    May be we should start a petition and sent it to the compaines, then we may stand a chance of getting clothes that fit
  • You are up very early snail!

    Me too! I am 'curvy', and I have trouble finding running gear. When I started I was a size 18, and there was no chance of finding anything. Big cotton t shirts were the order of the day.
    Now I have lost some weight, I can fit into a size16, I have some options, but I still find that many ranges of sports clothes only go to a size 14.

    It's just another excuse for fat people not to go out and exercise. Surely, us larger ones should be given all the encouragement we can get to get of our buts and exercise. It would be nice not to be made to feel like a freak when you are just starting out, by being unable to find any clothes that fit!
  • Men have problems too. I've just bought some Nike dri fit tights and had to get a size XXL. I am 6ft tall and weight just under 12 stone so why did I neeed XXL tights?

    Do Nike size wrongly or have I got plenty to smile about?
  • OOh you show off
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