Faster or Further Dilemma

I posted for the first time the other day and fear i will lose the will to think for myself after the fantastic replies i got. So heres my current dilemma. I am aspiring to be the definition of a beginner so please bear with me:
i can run 2.5 miles. I have a race in two weeks for three miles. It takes me 40 minutes to do 2.5 miles (snails whizz past me!!). So now that im nearly there should i go for 3 miles or get my 2.5 miles quicker and hope the race day energy takes me to 3 miles ??
any help gratefully received!!


  • Personally I have never bothered about running the distance beforehand, as long as I could run 80% distance then that was fine. I concentrate on the speed side, as on race day you would hopefully start off slightly slower than normal anyway, which would also assist you in that last 20%. There are also no rules to say you have to run all the way either, just enjoy it, and if you go off too fast it very likely wont be as enjoyable.

    Best wishes, NN
  • Hi Penguinette,

    First of all, well done on your endeavours up to now. I would suggest that either of the two options you take will benefit you in a couple of weeks. You are quite right to assume that you will manage the extra half mile on race day, so you may want to try and do 2.5 miles a little quicker. By the same token having three miles under your belt will give you the confidence that you can complete the distance and might help you to run faster and with more confidence on the day. I would do whichever you feel happiest with, but either way, don't worry about your time and just enjoy yourself.

    Very best of luck with it.

  • As a beginner too Penginnette you have to not worry about time and choose the option that suits you best.

    My first race was longer than I had run before and I nearly pulled out. Our club coach said 'Run a mile, walk a minute, run a mile etc etc'. Suddenly, I knew I could do the distance.

    With two weeks to go just choose your training preference and try not let yourself worry about the day like I did.
  • I DID BOTH !!!
    i finally managed to do 5k on the treadmill and upped the speed for the most part!!!
    Oooh im soooo pleased !! Ive marked out a course into the next town and back which is just under 5k so am going to do that on sunday. Then its just keeping it up, and maybe speeding up, for the next two weeks.
    YEY - i love running !!!!
  • Excellent, well done Penguinette, and a new pic too!
  • Well done Penguinette, excellent going? Good luck for the course on Sunday - hope it goes well.

    You've got a funky new graphic as well! That's Pingu if I'm not mistaken?

  • NN, you keep beating me to the first reply! DOH!!!!
  • It was just lucky timing DW
  • thanks guys!

    was too weird having pic of self so opted for penguin. Just picked it off the internet. walked across the office earlier and the same penguin was staring at me from a box of linux software (computer stuff)- so i guess its the linux penguin - pink background to make it girly !!

    Im so motivated now, even tho my legs are tired i feel like i could run home !! (but im not gonna, its 8 miles !!!)
  • You take it easy and enjoy your well-earned rest.
  • Good on you Penguinette. All I'd say is don't go mad between now and your race - if you push yourself too far too soon you'll get injured - I know cos I did! You'll feel awful if you miss your race - I know cos I did. Sorry don't wish to be gloomy.
    Good luck with your race - and let us know how you did!
  • Brill, Penguinette, very well done.
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