No toes - can't run?

I hope this isn't too weird a thought but it is based on an article I was reading in Bella yesterday. The article was about a woman who had had to have all her toes amputated after she'd had meningitis. She had run marathons before but the article said she would never run again. Do the same people who make other artificial legs for runners not have anything similar to compensate for toe-less feet? Would it be too difficult to make? A colleague is intending to run a half marathon next year, and I think he will be getting a special leg fitted for that, so I wondered about the toes! Am I just being prurient?


  • Let's put this into context.

    Reinhold Messner, the famous Austrian mountaineer, lost all his toes from one foot due to frostbite in the high Himalayas.
    His major conquests continued:
    first ascent of Everest without oxygen,

    And a speed record solo ascent of Everest (of course it was without oxygen) in under 24 hours.

    AHA! I hear you say. That's not running in flimsy trainers though.

    OK, but a bit more prosaic: a chap who lives mear me has beaten me 3 times in 3 attempts at the Stroud Half Marathon. He has no lower leg at all. The prosthetic is a nice piece of sprung carbon fibre. I'm going to have to beat him this year, but he keeps getting better (sub 1:30).
  • Ah, I'd forgotten about mountaineers. Loss of toes would seem to be an occupational hazard for those on the high peaks! I've seen full prosthetic legs that are specially sprung for athletes, but was worried there wasnothing to substitute for toes alone. I knew someone who nearly lot most of his toes and I don't recall there being any mention of there being any kind of prosthesis to help with balance etc...
  • There was a teacher round our way that had lost his big toes due to frostbite. He waddled like a penguin.

    I think it would be very very hard to run without toes.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    My friend's dad lost most of his toes when he contracted cerebral malaria.

    He still gets around just fine.

    Hmm, we still need someone to answer the no toes/running conundrum though.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    A Google search on 'no toes' and 'running' reveals an awful lot of porn and marathon hard-luck stories and this:

    .. which might answer your question!

    Or then again, it might not
  • Baffled as to why no toes brings up porn.

    Must investigate later.
  • Is it rude? If I open it at work will I get done?
  • i once opened a link for copper bathroom fittings (we were re-doing the bathroom - not entirely random as was searching for loo roll holders etc) and that turned out to be porn. Bit of a suprise at work i can tell you.

    No toes must be some other area of interest for a select few me thinks...

    Can't answer the question btw! Sorry...

    H x
  • Ketty - that's safe. (phew).

    But doesn't answer the question sadly.
  • CHeers cougie. I clicked on the link to a dentist recently and THAt was "adults only"!
  • A Dentist ? What is the world coming to ?
  • I have no toes and nerve damage in my legs from meningitis 18 years ago. Prior to it happening I was a runner, and had run the London marathon the year before. I have just done a 5K : ) So the answer is... it depends how bloody minded you are!
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