Sweatshop Summer Sizzler 10K

Calling all MK and Beds runners - anyone else fancy this one?


  • Dr Galah, I will be doing this, all being well.
  • looking a bit thin though isn't it?
  • Early days yet Ernie, early days....
  • I quite fancy giving this one a go. Can i pay on the day? Is it a good event? Does it get crowded?
  • I'm planning on paying on the day so I hope so!

    Limit is 300 so should be plenty of room.
  • Actually thinking about this as I have driven past the park before (it is the one just before Olney isn't it ?) and it looks good. Will have to be pay on the day now as well. I am on-call this weekend (IT support not medical or anything) but I can probably go AWOL for 50 minutes at that time.

    I saw the Big Cow web-site but really struggle to find the individual events on there. Will go and look again
  • Brooks - the Big Cow website is awful. Perhaps you could offer your on call services there!
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