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Chocoholics anonomous....

Have been afraid to post this so far, as I think I really know the answers but seems we have a real professional in v rap so maybe worth a shot....
Since Xmas I have been circuit training or burning approx 400cals in the gym for 5/6/7 days a week, injuries permitting. I 'ran' the FLM but since then have found little inspiration to do much actual running - my speed sessions are slow so what's the point? I'm 'only' 2 stone overweight but feel that I really waddle. Anyway, the crux is I haven't shifted a pound, even with all my exercise. What would happen if I quit my 3-8 choc bars/ day? Why can't I just try? Mild depression/ boredom may be big factors in my problem. I know all this so prob don't need a pyschologist, but any 'kickstart' tips would be most appreciated. Rant over - sorry, but I just want to enjoy running again....


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    Mmmmm, chocolate...
    I was a stone and a half overweight back in February and am now back down to my usual weight. I too was overdosing on the chocolate.
    I find I crave more chocolate when I'm stressed but when I run more then that helps me deal with stress so I don't crave chocolate and the weight just falls off - only at a rate of about half a pound to a pound a week but I still ate the odd chocolate bar or curry - I was only running 15 miles a week in 3 sessions a week to do this.
    However, the motivation to actually get my arse into gear and get out the door running again was that old classic of seeing photographs of myself when we got back off holiday - scary or what.!
    Also if you've run FLM, it's usual to have a lack of motivation after that - some people suggest you set different goals and concentrate on getting faster over shorter distances - I've found when I'm that bored with running though that a complete change of sport helps. I took up karate a few years ago. It was great and then I just ran a bit on the side to keep things ticking over. After a while, a race comes up or something that I want to train for and I'm back wanting to run more again.

    Good luck - now I'm just off down the shops to get some chocolate ;) ...
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    Nothing wrong with eating chocolate in moderation. I don't believe any of us should ban a particular food it only makes you crave it. What I do is have the smallest size possible when I want to treat myself, that is the mini-bars.
    Also you may be bored with your program in the gym, why not ask the fitness instructors for a new program, try a new piece of equipment. Normally when I go to the gym I use up 700 to 800 cals so maybe you need a more intensive workout. Being overweight is not an excuse to go easy on your exercise program. Is there any thing you would do if you lost that 2 stone, think hard, why wait do it next week.
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    RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Young Runner,

    Get yourself over to The Fat Club on the Health and Injury forum. We've all got wobbly stories to tell (my stomach still wobbles when I run!), we've all cheated on our diets and we all need motivating sometimes.

    See you there......

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    I normally think of everything I eat as how much work I have to do to burn it off if I'm trying to lose weight. As they always say, if you want to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you eat. If you want a chocolate bar, just think of the exercise you have to do to allow you to eat it and lose weight. If you think of the effort required to burn off those 300 calories in the chocolate bar, it may make you think twice before wanting to eat it. If you have to have some, have a small milky way which is only just over 100 calories, or the bigger craving, a crunchie which is still under 200 calories. You won't feel as guilty eating it, and it's easier to burn off. I'm a great believer of a calorie controlled diet, just make sure you burn off those bad things you eat. Easier said than done but good luck!
    from a serious choc addict!
    p.s only buy it when you want it, don't store it in the cupboards as you'll never stop at a small amount unless you have VERY good willpower!!
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    I, too, love chocolate, and I find that eating a small amount of a really nice chocolate is so much more nicer than a whole bar of average chocolate. So in the end, just a few nibbles really is satisfying. All things in (decadent) moderation is my motto...
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    Hi Young Runner - I too am a serious chocoholic.. the thing is with me, I have no willpower..if I buy, say a 4 pack of kitkats, I will eat all four in one go - I can't think, oh I'll eat one today, then one tomorrow etc.. anyway, the way i got round it is not to buy any at all! I know it sounds easy, but when I go shopping (& by the way NEVER go shopping when you're hungry!!), I just do not buy chocolate.. consequently, when I fancy chocolate (usually late at night) I am just too lazy to go out a buy a bar, so I have to go without - this may seem too simple to work, but it really has for me.. I buy less fattening snacks now and lots of fruit (boring I know!) - I'll tell you a really tasty snack that helps my sweet cravings - chopped up banana and a plain low-fat natural yoghurt over the top (I kid myself it's fresh cream!). Anyway, just wanted you to know, you're not alone!!
    Michelle x
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    this might sound stupid, but i have a problem with bread.....chocolate, i can take it or leave it, but if there's a nice loaf of fresh granary i can't do with just a couple of slices, i have to have the lot....
    i've tried chopping it up into quarters and freezing it, not buying it at all (which doesn't last!) etc etc, and i've just come to the conclusion that if i want a loaf of bread i should just damn well have it..... i just make sure i'm planning on having the lot, not just continuous guilty nibbles until it's all gone....i sit down with it all on my plate and enjoy every last bit...
    i think it might go for chocolate too (as long as it's not too often ;)....maybe if you want chocolate, just have it....only get exactly what you want, plan to have it, and don't feel guilty, and most of all enjoy it...ok, so chocolate for dinner's not exactly a vitamin feast, but it can't hurt occasionally, and food is there to be enjoyed as well as being fuel for out bodies...
    ps: think i was a bit rash with the "take it or leave it" comment...i do have a weakness for orange dark green and blacks...used to be mars bars before i went vegan, and i do recall eating a 4 pack all in one go possibly on more than one occasion....i think that be9ing limited to dark choc helps as it's not as moreish....
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    Thankyou for all your replies, I've been thinking a bit more about this subject and am coming to a few conclusions. Have tried eating a 'little and often' - no offence (more admiration) to anyone who can substitute a tiny snack size bar when they'd usually have say 2 Chunky KitKats, but I just think this makes things worse. My reasons for eating chocolate may be many, but I always buy it when I'm tired/ bored(which is often) in what I do, or think I need more energy for something than I actually do (study/ waitressing/ going to circuits). Unfortunately, I can relate to Fluffa's all or nothing strategy, because this is the sort of person I usually am - acceptance of failings is so true. (Noone wants my life history, but when I ran obsessively I'd do 2*2miles and 1*4/5miles 7 days a week - though 5took1.5hrs back then! choccy of course) It is now my firm belief that both must be worth having in moderation - otherwise why would so many people enjoy them? Anyway, I can feel my body asking for a healthy diet just now (how I don't know) - just a question of when I decide/ have the willpower to give it one. Have decided to 'read' the fat club, but think my 'battle of the bulge' must come from within - sharing +encouragement is great but only YOU can avoid that tantalising chocolate machine! Sorry, it's late, I'm rambling - I know this forum can't always be my sounding board.
    Young runner
    PS Bananas are the one thing in life I have never been able to tolerate to eat!!!Any substitutes?
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    Must admit I'm a big chocolate fan myself (it's not just women!!), the great thing about running is that it prevents you putting weight on while you stuff your face with chocs. Biscuits are another problem, we get them free, as well as coffee where I work, and nice ones too, so I often must munch my way through about 20 in a day.

    As for ideas - have you tried dried apricots instead of bananas?

    Don't know if it's any good, but for the more mental (as in psychological, rather than mad) approach to weight loss, there are some books by a guy called Pete Cohen. I've never tried them myself, but I've seen him on TV a few times and he makes a lot of sense to me. They're available at Amazon(, and probably in bookshops too.

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    Ah, chocolate! I love it so much that I couldn't even resist logging on to this thread to read about it!

    I've been through the 3-8 bars a day thing too. When I was a slave in hospital and doing 80-hour weekends, chocolate was my substitute for sleep. After the FLM, when my body realised I wasn't running and decided to race for set-point, I put on over a stone very quickly and during that time I could down a 200g bar without ruining my appetite for my next meal.

    I have some chocolate most days, and try to compensate a little by being fussy about the quality. 25-50g of something with over 55% cocoa does me nicely just now. I do have two or three "social" chocolate biscuits a week too. The rest of my diet isn't bad and I don't like processed meats, most fried stuff and salty snacks and am too stingy to buy many takeaways, so I don't see the chocolate as a problem.

    Food is only part of a healthy lifestyle anyway. I believe, far more strongly, that "you are what you do".

    Cheers, V-rap.
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    I like the - ‘two or three "social" chocolate biscuits a week’ – very good :o))

    I must admit that I am partial to the odd Turkish delight – especially after a hard session

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    But it is so important to be sociable don't you think?

    I have a couple of social hot chocolates a week sometimes accompanied by whipped cream, marshmallows and sometimes accompanied by a chocolate buscuit. Mmmmmm.

    I also have a thing for Magnum's in the summer and whilst pregnant last summer decided they were medicinal as they eased the heartburn. This year, I've discovered their new frozen yoghurt version which is equally yummy. I have about 3 of these a week too.
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    DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    As a non chocaholic (although I do like the odd double decker) I can't comment on how difficult it is to stop. However have you tried muesli/fruit bar alternatives ?
    Fruslis/nutragrains and those new elevenses thingees. These I eat far too often.
    As regards bananas , they are good for you but if you really can't stand them try other fruits instead, nectarines / peaches / melon are personal favourites.
    Tesco's did some fresh (and half price) lychees yesterday . Joy .
    Re the fresh bread - we always have crusty uncut for the weekend , gorgeous with peanut butter and a mug of tea.

    all that food .......
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    melon, rasins and grapes are great! Can satisfy a sweet craving but NOTHING will satisfy a chocolate craving. If you crave chcolate, have some otherwise you'll end up pigging out on loads more later. Carry chewing gum or clean your teath straight after to get the taste out your mouth or you'll just want more!
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    Muesli bars? Pah! No healthier than chocolate, and not nearly as nice. Unless they're chocolate coated, of course.

    RM, I'm with you on the medicinal ice-cream. During each of my pregnancies, I had killer heartburn and no amount of chalky or gloopy stuff out of a brown bottle made any difference. Ice cream hit the spot perfectly, but it had to be the expensive, full-cream variety. Magnums were perfect.

    I'm serious about the social chocolate biscuits, although sometimes they're sponge cakes or little rocks of dough produced by friends' children. I wouldn't have a chocolate biscuit if I were having coffee alone (well, maybe after a long run....) but there's nothing more tedious, I think, than hanging out with someone who has always "just eaten" or is "allergic" to this, that and the other depending on which fad diet they happen to be on at present (genuine allergies are another matter entirely) or who pushes food about their plate. The problem could be all mine because I'm a bit of a feeder-upper and maybe take it a bit personally if someone won't eat my biscuits, and expect other people to do likewise.

    Oh no, psychopathology starting to hang out now. Help!

    Cheers, V-rap.
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    i too am a chocoholic..however ive just come off a 10day caffeine detox...and it worked well..
    i dont have the same cravings for chocolate,although i could never give it up completely....especially mars bars...
    while i was off chocolate,,i tried toast,with peanut butter spread,with choped bananas on top...delicious !!! try it...
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    NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Tunnocks Caramel Wafers have a very thin coating of chocolate on them, but the wafery bit is so gooey and caramelly that they are as satisfying as a Mars Bar (well nearly) and only about a third of the calories.

    However, there are times when only the real thing will do - a full bag of Cadbury Twirl snacksize never last more than 3 days.
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    I know we're talking chocolate here but I was addicted to Opal Fruits for a time (can't bring myself to call them 'Starburst')!

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    Sod the good for you bars, when I really fancy chocolate its got to be either a Mars Bar, Crunchy or Yorkie with crunchie bits in, these are favourite at the moment, and specially when eaten after a really good run when you're feeling all fit and healthy.
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    RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    After the Golden Jubilee 10k I saw lots of sensible people tucking into bananas. Thankfully my husband had bought me a giant Yorkie bar - that's when I remembered why I love him so much!!!
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