hi all
i've been running for around 3 months now and am up to 40 minute runs. WHile i am handling this ok, even after this time i still get knees 'giving out' on me every so often after about 10 minutes. do i need to strengthen my knees or could it be something else?
thanks for any help


  • I get this problem a lot, especially with one knee. I've been working out in the gym to strengthen my knees by focusing weight training excercies in this area.

    I'm no expert, I just figure if my knees are stronger then they won't hurt so much when running and, for me, after the run (the next day).

    Big G
  • Big G - if it's pain, rather than just that turning-to-jelly feeling, get it checked out by a sports physio (or at least check the injury articles here and elsewhere on the web). On the plus side, I think both of you probably can't go far wrong with the strengthening - keep it up!
  • My knees were always gave me trouble until I bought a good pair of cushioned running shoes. Now they're fine.
  • I tried warming up my knees before a run at home just standing on one leg holding on to something, lifting and bending my other leg up and down to my bum about 20-30 X this helped so much as the fluid in the joint gets warm and the cartiliage thickens before you get out there so your knees are protected a bit more.Hope it helps.
  • I second Beth about the shoes. Did you get them from a 'proper' running shop?
  • yeah, the guy asked all the questions, they are well cusioned(i'm a big lad).
    thanks for teh warming up advice
  • Nick, when I started running a few months ago I use to get a lot of problems with my knee from an old sports injury. I found weight training that focused on my legs very useful, especially leg extensions and squats/ leg press. As you run more your body will also become more efficient.

    Good shoes and warm ups are essential as well.

    Good luck!
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