Sinner or winner

In a 10K race last Sunday I was having a bit of a battle with one of our female runners. The last 3K was downhill and we both picked up the pace.
She clearly lost it with around 500 metres to go and I flew past her in the pouring rain to beat her. Should I have been a gentleman and just run through the finish alongside, or, with flaring nostrils and foaming at the mouth shoot past her. I did feel a bit guilty afterwards, but only a little bit.


  • Its a race. She would have left you for dead if she could. If she was a friend then that may have been different.
  • No - I reckon you were right to go for it! I certainly wouldn't appreciate being 'let' win! I've also had the reverse situation - 10 mile race and I'd been running near a goup of male runners the whole way. With 1 mile to go they shot off...but about 500m to go I got them in my sights and overtook them a few metres from the line. How satisfying was that!!!!
  • As long as you didn't get second last place :)
  • Sexual equality cuts both ways - leave her for dead!!!
  • No, but if you were feeling really guilty, then the gentlemanly thing to do might have been to give her a cup of water when she crossed the line?

  • You did right ... surely the alternative would have been very patronising, even if she didn't realise it
  • All's fair in love and war and all that!!!
  • Totally agree. It's a race!! May the best man (or lady) win.
  • Quite right....let her eat your dust (or mud, I guess if it's been raining)...

    She would have done the same to you...
  • Personally I'd have tripped her up and saved myself the effort over the last 500 metres.
  • If a bloke "let" me win, I'd be fuming.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I'd whack him with my stilletoes
  • A guy from Staffordshire Moorlands very kindly stayed with me for the whole second half of Blackpool Marathon,even in the last three miles when I was doing that wading through custard thing, trouble is I felt guilty about it but he did say it was just a training run for him as he normally does ultras!
    I would say run like mad and beat all the opposition hell, regardless of sex.
  • Had to boing this back up -

    This just reminds me of the new Nike advert (starring some of the MU guys at the end) - where the man and woman are running together but will try anything not to let the other win!! - If you haven't seen it yet - look out for it (it's a corker!)

    Well, it made me laff anyway (and I thought of this thread when I saw it!!)
  • At the finish I always try to shake hands with the one in front and the one behind (If there is one)regardless of sex or age. The only exception is when I get beaten by one of my daughters (or both). In these cases I make em walk home !!
  • I got stuffed in the last 10m of the Kingston 16 in March by a woman as I was easing up slightly towards the finish - vowed never to let that happen again!
    At the Sevenoaks 7 in May, overtook a woman in the last 50m and felt well chuffed!

    You did right.
  • Does anyone else out there use the sight of a nice pert bum in front of you as inspiration?
    Find someone with a cute bum (of the oposite sex of course or the same if you are that way inclined)who is running slightly faster than you feel comfortable at and try and keep that in sight. Its amazing how far this can drag you round....I call it follow the Thong! (title may need some adjustment for the ladies)
  • BBB - That's disgraceful and I would never admit to that!
  • BeerBellyBlues - that's how I managed a 10k PB in August! Now if all the URWFRC ladies doing the Brighton 10k could post pictures of their rear-ends and their expected finish times please....

  • BBB,

    That's ma boy!!!!
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