Ditton Turkey Run (6.5m)

Apart from myself, Snoop and Howser, are there any other forumites intending to run this one. ??

From what Snoop was saying earlier this week, i think entry forms need to be in pretty quickly as there are limited places.

see the Maidstone Harriers Website.


  • Howser, Snoop any race numbers yet. ?? Maidstone Harriers were pretty quick off the mark, as i've already received mine. i think i only sent my entry form a few days ago.

    although i suppose that howser would say that MH are all pretty quick !!

    no 161 for the record.
  • Gareth seeing as how you told me yours i shall tell you mine its 210 but i will double check when i get home tonight , i was thinking , should i wear it on my back so you know how far behind you are(ha) due to the type of route this race is there are tactics involved but thats for me to know and you to find out, i have a cunning plan.......!
    ok snoop its your turn now.
    and yes MH when out in force and fully fit are a pretty good lot.
  • Hi, my apps still in my post tray, as I was waiting to see if the Forum Members' Christmas Cracker was going to get off the ground.

    After about 300 posts, the indecision suggests it wont, so I'm posting my Ditton entry today.
  • howser - what...a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox..
    a fox who's just been made professor of cunning at Oxford University.

    lucky there's already a forumite called foxy, otherwise we'd have to change you're name.

    by the way, you won't see my number because i would of already got changed and made it back to the finish line to clap you in (ha ha). !

    oh dear i'm so going to be eating my words.

    are you going to do what the bloke did at the chicago marathon ??? , although having said that i don't think there are any tube trains running through Ditton !

    mmm. i'm going to have to study that map carefully for clues.
  • You no it makes sense Snoop. hopefully will catch up you there. let us know your race number when you get it.

    Come on Sunderland ! i mean good luck Arsenal tonight !
  • Boiing. just in case anyone else is interested in doing this one.

    Snoop, if you read this - are you still going for a swift half tonight with the other motley crew. ?? ... you can tell us all about the Essex 20, i know you dying to tell all how it is even worse than the Benfleet 15 !!

    not 100% sure whether i'll be going tonight yet, but should know by mid pm. hopefully be ok though.
  • Hi G - I'll be up in town then prior to my appointment at 8 p.m. - is it on?
  • Booingg...

    Snoop, how muddy is it likely to be on the XC section ?? if it has rained for a few days before. I know Howser won't tell me, as she's got a cunning plan on how to tackle this course. !

    also roughly how long is the off road part section ??

    I've got myself some new 'off road' footwear, but having tried them out they seem quite heavy and even fairly slippery on the wet road the other morning. I'm now not sure what i should wear for this one, the light racer / trainers i use seemed ok in the wet / fairly muddy conditions at crowborough last sunday.

    any clues ? Help. (can't let howser beat me).
  • How do you know Howser is a 'she' - with a name like Kim, he/she could be either? Perhaps Howser will elaborate.

    I'll be wearing my Asics Trabuco off roaders for this one, but it's a bit early to assess the conditions just now.

    No. 181 - Forum blue and yellow vest.
  • Morning Snoop - i looked at last years results on the maidstone harriers website. Unless 'he' did it in drag and got away with W35 category !!

    Still no URWFRC vest, but sounds like it could be with us for next week.

    How long is the XC section ?? or am i wrong in thinking you had run this before.
  • have run it before (last December), but can't remember the proportion of road v off-road surface.

    You seem to like these 1 to 1's against female opposition, dontcha? (re. Bernie at DRR).

    Or are you one of those ass voyeurs as well?
  • who me ?.................. doing a spot of voyeuring in ditton woods.................with my reputation ?

    damn, i've been rumbled. !
    a 'one to one' does make the race a bit more interesting though !!

    although the plan is to keep ahead this time, be changed and have acup of tea and mince pie ready for her when she crosses the finishing line. (now awaits inevitable / likewise reponse from howser).
  • Snoop, by the way i got the predictable DRR membership forms in my race pack from Kip yesterday. !

    i won't be filling them in quite yet though. !

    i'd be rejected anyway, as they would probably think i'd just want to race against the female runners !!
  • Hey, why do think I run in the middle/back of the pack? - I can actually do a 10k in 28 minutes, but there's very few bun huggers in front of me to perv at when that fast, so I kinda hang around a bit..
  • ahh, i wondered why you always run with a smile on your face, when most of us are grimacing !

    so you'll be talking it very slowly through Ditton woods sunday week. ?
    re-doing your shoelaces 3 or 4 times etc...
  • and with the snooker style swivel-lens X-Ray specs!
  • yep, i've got a pair on my christmas present list !

    BTW, i didn't see your name down for next Friday, are you elsewhere that evening, or undecided at the moment. ?

    bad timing again, as Ditton will be 36 hours after that, and i will no doubt having too many beers again. (especially as Caz is going to be there this time, you know what a bad influence she is on everyone !).

    i'm sure last friday night didn't help my performance on the sunday at Crowborough.
  • Nope - can't make SJT next Friday - in Spain that evening.

    Will be at Ditton though, as coming back on Saturday.

    p.s. last Friday helped me no end in the Thanet 10.

    You're not a wuss are you?
  • yes your right, sorry i am being a bit of wuss aren't i, i'll snap out of it.

    i remember now that you did mention your spanish trip last friday.

    BTW, good run at Thanet. 7.55 min miling / comfortably in the top half of the field etc.... perhaps it 'was' the beer and chinese. !
  • do i detect some panic Gareth (spoken in a low gruff voice)for next sunday, the woods are soooooo muddy at the moment, you were wondering how 'muddy ' the muddy bits are? lets just say that if you fall over in the 'puddles ' i hope you can swim!
    i must say that training is going very well, im fit strong injury free no hint of a snuffle and all training times are faster than this time last year, in particular im running three mins faster on my 4m tempo run.
    i am so looking forward to next week.
    see you there or will I?
  • morning howser !

    you're making this sound like the bleeding GRIM multi terrain challenge ! i bet it's a nice dry little footpath through the woods. (it is isn't it ?? said in a quiet inquisitive voice)

    do i sound like i'm panicking, ! fit, strong, injury free, fast in training etc..... i'm glad all is going well (sort of). i think i'm going to need to have an early night the 13th now.

    I'm not happy with my new off road trainers, they seem so heavy compared to my racer / trainers, so i'm in a bit of a dilemma. Think i'll just see how the weather is next week.

    BTW, milk and suger in your tea ??

  • For JJ - boing!
  • Johnny J (or howser) - from memory do they have km or mile markers on route ?

    i would like to know as it makes pacing a bit easier.

  • now what sort of wimpish comment is that!
  • all right, but i'm taking this this 'duel in the woods' with howser very seriously !!! (as all the banter that i've been giving could come back to haunt me).

    anyway, i thought you were sunning yourself in the Costa del Sol - or are you posting from there ??

    if not, are you out tonight ?
  • cancelled it on Wednesday mate - too much happening here to go for three days just before Chrimble.

    Tonite - probably!
  • shame, that sounds like it would of been a good trip (or would it of been just work ?)

    hope to get along myself tonight, but not sure yet, as i may well have to leave work early and go home. Hopefully should be able to sort something out though.

    still running Sunday ?
  • yep - hoping my hangover will have been cured by then!

    (was going to be a bit of both - biz and pleasure!)
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    markers - bless,
    just hope you spot the marshals otherwise you'll be gone for days.
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