JezJez ✭✭✭
Just been chatting to Foxy about the latest kit order and she asked me to post this update -

The kit will be dispatched to Foxy within the next few days, as she is off to Europe for a few days it will be sent out during the week of the 14th June, i.e. on her return from Europe.

p.s. You now know as much as me. Specific enquiries need to go to Foxy - I'm just the messenger.



  • Thanks Jez
  • thanks for the update.
  • Foxy / Jez,
    any more news on the kit order
  • FeldyFeldy ✭✭✭
    Hope you have better luck than I did I have been waiting since May 2003 for a vest apparently I am being unreasonable because I keep asking where it is, it has not been despatched yet or so it keeps saying when I check!Was so looking forward to wearing it, but now !!!
  • Great news!

    Thanks, Jez. I just hope there have been enough orders in my size or I'll still be waiting.
  • Feldym
    my cheque must be nearing its six month expiry date so Idont know whats happening.
    Last message from Jez said the kit would be sent out from the 14th June. thats nearly 2 months ago.

    do you know anymore about the kitorders ?
  • Ratcatcher
    what news?
  • Still waiting too.
  • NS, the news that the kit will be being sent out shortly.

    Oh, sorry, what an idiot I am. Now I see how old this thread is. I didn't realise Feldy had just boinged it.

    Not great news at all then. I'm also still expecting a top.
  • Anyone know where to get kit printed?
  • anyone know what is happening about the kit orders ???

    Jez, if you read this can you find out from Foxy and let us know.
  • Sorry to boing this again but I paid in 2003 for a URWFRC shirt, it came up too small (despite being told the are always a size too big) and I returned it to Foxy at the beginning of the year. Would be nice to get kit for Abingdon in October or London next year but past experience suggests neither. Does anyone know what is happening and how we can sort this out!!!
  • For those who have kit, make sure you look after if as it looks likely to become very collectable.

    I've got an URWFRC vest, an URWFRC wicking t-shirt and an URWFRC cotton t-shirt.

    who needs ebay ?

    do I hear any bids ?


    Seriously though, I think that a volunteer is needed to get the URWFRC kit up and running again. It's probably more suited to someone who already works from home.
  • Or even better - someone that hasn't got a job to do and has free time to sort it all out.

    Any OAP's here ?
  • {{{{Beware the stampede}}}}
  • My excuse : I live in a flat and am only there half the week so any deliveries would have to be collected from the post office which is a 2 mile walk.

    My sloping shoulders are intact;-)
  • My excuse : I am not to be trusted.

    The young Native American male does not delay within.

    (The buck does not stop here)
  • URWFRC could adopt burberry as its official pattern and colour. Stocked in all charv outlets.

  • maybe they are being made in the same material as the kings new clothes,

    for anyone that doesnt know it is a kids fairy tale about two swindlers that pretended to be tailors and made the king a set of invisible clothes.

    we could all pretend to be wearing URWFRC kit next time we go out
  • this is a photo of the latest URWFRC vest

    available in all sizes and colours
  • is the tie compulsory or an optional extra...
  • JezJez ✭✭✭
    Sorry I've not replied - been busy, travelling to France, Spain ... no not for work, for holidays!

    However, I'm afraid I have no good news, but then again I have no bad news either - I tried to get in touch with Foxy, but not been successful. Will try again. Am assuming the kit had been ordered as Foxy said there was a date for delivery to her - what has transpired since then ... !?!?
  • have you paid for this kit?

    it would seem to the casual observer (ie me) of several years' worth of "where's my kit?" postings, that getting some ordered from a different supplier would be a better idea....
  • JezJez ✭✭✭
    I've no idea whether the hold up is with the kit supplier, or with Foxy - I'm merely the messenger who emailed Foxy to ask where the kit had got to, and was asked to post the update way back in June.
  • This has gone on long enough, sorry guys DW, and I are taking this off foxy, and going to try and sort this mess out. We are sorry about this....

    Hopefully it will all be put to rights by the middle of October. Any spare kit will be sold off and then we will see where whe stand, and how we proceed from here on in.

    Once again sorry about this.

    Hope to keep you updated more regualarly in the future.

  • nice one swiss bobby!

    i did want to order some kit, but i've seen from others' painful experience that it just isn't worth bothering at present. let me know when you get things moving.

    how's the training for Ironman Switzerland moving along??
  • Candy, if ya lose some weight, ya can have my vest!

  • have you ever worn it?
  • yes... Should I leave it dirty?
  • I've just realised that if and when mine arrives it will be a tad large.

    As it's getting colder, would anyone like to share?

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