Yes or No?

I am finally getting round to buying a road bike (triathlons here I come). Is this a good enough starter bike, am I getting a good deal and are there any better cheaper bikes I should look at?


  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    This might be useful

    - full list of Cycling Weekly bike reviews.

  • try it - if it feels right/comfy and its your budget then buy is - you are most likly to ride a bike you are comfy on - thus get better
  • I have a Saracen Ventoux and I have no complaints. It really is an individual thing though as Will says.
  • I went for a Trek 1000.
    Rode Sturday and Sunday and now have a very sore rear end.
    Loved it and will be out on it again later today.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Probably a good buy, a guy I ride with has one, they take guards don't they - do they have eyes I was thinking of getting one for Winter?

    Saw you on the C+ board Matt - are you joining a club at all - I hear good things about Solihull CC if that is anywhere near you?
  • Solihull is a bit far. Might give Stourbridge CC a ring today and see when they ride. Have tried to get in touch with Black Country Triathletes but seems impossible to get a reply.
    Would like to join a club and have a go at racing. Haven't ridden properly for a year or two and my legs now feel so weak on a bike.
  • Ooh Matt I was in Geel with Paul from Black Country Triathletes, shall I get hinm to email you, he was a very nice chap so don't give up on them.
  • Monique-yes please. What's Geel?
  • A place in Belgium where we were doing a duathlon.
  • Erm, the World Championship Duathlon wasn't it ?

    Heard you did very well Mon. way to go !
  • Well done Monique. I take it you were with Paul Rogers? Don't hthink I'll be keeping up with him on a bike just yet.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Matt - saw you post on another forum - under 27 minutes for a 10 on a standard road bike after about 2 weeks!!!

    If you want to try racing as a one off look about for a TLI event - otherwise you'll need a licence and British Cycling membership which together will be about £50 up front (a lot of the cost is 3rd party insurance) - day licences are about a tenner so if you wanted to try say Mallory Park on a Tuesday night you'd pay about £17 all in (it's 7 to enter) - on a sunny day they are up to about 100 entries - all enter on the line. I've started with this because if you get dropped you can tag on again when they come round rather than it being all over. They race for about 75 minutes.

    The best thing to do now though would be to find out where the local chain gangs go out from and give one of those a go - they are often competitive and nobody will wait for you but good fun.
  • 5 days not two weeks:)

    I'm going to get in touch with some local groups of riders and start with the slower ones. Hopefully they'll be able to tell me what to do next. Don't fancy going out with a fast group and getting dropped in the middle of nowhere 50 miles from home just yet.
    Will definately try some sort of road race this year though.
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