Treadmill for sale

We are moving overseas next week and, with much regret, I am having to sell my Tunturi J440 treadmill. It's a great machine, 5 years old, extremely well looked after and regularly serviced. It had a new motor fitted a year ago. It is regularly used and I trained for the London Marathon on it so it has done around 5,000 miles. Much as I hate to give it up, we can't realistically ship it overseas.

Interested in buying it? Buyer collects and the price ... make me an offer!


  • I could be interested - roughly where abouts are you based and how much are you hoping to get for it?
  • Hi there
    I live in London NW6 and will gladly let you have the treadmill for £100 if you're prepared to collect it!
  • Incidentally, we leave to go overseas on Tuesday 8 June in the afternoon
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