Any of you guys live around Wokingham?

Hi All

I will be in Wokingham between 11th and 16th July 2004 on a training course and was looking for information on what the area is like for running?

As I am from accross the water I am not familiar with the area and have not found much on the web. Also don't think the hotel I am staying at has a gym so the dreadmill is not even an option.

TIA for any help



  • Are you thinking of road running or off road because if you like running off road then the Look Out in Bracknell is good for that and that's only a few miles away.
  • Hi Rusty

    Thanks for your reply, I think I will be staying in the Corus Hotel in Bracknell.

    Road or off road is fine, I run mostly for health and fitness and I just don't fancy missing a week of running due to being away from home.

    Normal distance for me is about 6-8 miles during week and I just don't want to end up lost as I won't know the area at all.

    Again Thanks for your reply.

    Happy Running,

  • Jock ItchJock Itch ✭✭✭
    Hi Michael,

    I live in Bracknell. They have a Sports Centre with a running track or yes The Look out is another good option.

    However you are more in Crowthorne than Bracknell. Nice area....foresty. Should be good runs there. Enjoy !
  • Hi Jock

    Thanks for the input. Nice and foresty sounds nice. As long as I can get a few runs in I will be more than happy.

    Any other runners from the area with any input?

    Reagards & Happy Running

  • I've done a race in the woods behind Broadmore in Crowthorne and it looking good training terrain - a few nasty hills if you want to find them, and lots of paths and tracks winding around too.

    The running track at Bracknell sports centre is a nice one and would be good if you wanted to do some short efforts.

    Not been over to the Lookout, but it's s'posed to be nice.

    Lots of woody places nearly so you shoudn't have too much of a problem, so long as you don't mind making things up as you go and either have a good sense of direction or don't mind getting lost!
  • Another vote for Swinley Forest (the Look Out is one of the starting points).

    Run up to Surrey Hill for great views where you can see across to the Hogs Back and Guildford cathedral on a good day. Caesars Camp also for the ruins from the Roman invasion.

    They have a mtb area too with miles of singletrack.

    PS - go out in Bracknell town centre at night for a laugh. The Point is the epicentre of chav culture.
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