Well Done Vicky!

I have just read this months Star Letter. Hurt my knee 3 months before the GNR and for the month leading up to the race, having rested it fully, I had no problems. That was until the Mass warm up just before the race when it started niggling.

I didn't do what Vicky did and hobbled round for 13.1 miles, not one of my better decisions! I am still suffering now and will not be running for a few weeks yet!

If only I had forgot about the medal, t-shirt, wagon wheel..........etc.....!



PS. I think I'll stick to Triathlons!


  • Wagon wheel?
    Nobody told me about the wagon wheel!

    I pulled out in late summer due to back injury and went through purgatory...
    Had i known about the wagon wheel....
  • yes though hubby aye mone
    AND drank the lucozade sport hed brought for me
    good job im tuff
  • I was that knackered I nearly ate the 'Fructus' hair wax stuff thinking it was a power gel thing!

    Can't wait until next year!

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