I fancy having a tri

I am sure this is the 1,000,000 and 1st time this question has been asked, but I will ask again.

Why Tri? go on sell it to me - that said you may not need to do much of a selling job as I am keen to have a go - but have a go anyway.

Also, what gear will I need and what will be the cost to get me started - I have running gear, but no bike, swim stuff etc.

I am a regular runner so that should be OK, but it has been years since I have swum competitively (though I am a strongish swimmer and with training and time in the pool should be OK) but have never rode a bike apart from doing my paper round more years ago than I'd like to remember.

Bike - what sort /cost?
Wet suit/ - is this needed?/cost

and are there any easier/starter tri's in the Lincolnshire area in the next few months?

Questions, questions.


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    go for it - is fun and a change from just a single discipline

    start with a sprint tri to get the feel of it - that's usually 750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run

    you will be better off with a road bike as they are faster - for your 1st tri see if you can borrow one - price varies enormously but of you do buy there's loads of advice around here from bikies and tri peeps.......

    you will only need a wetsuit of you intend to do an open water swim - lots of tris are pool swims so not needed - they are sometimes compulsory in open water for reasons of safety (buoyancy) and temperature (open water can be very cold). but wetsuits can be hired

    there are companies who will do a complete hire/buy package that includes all the relevant components for around a £1000....which will easily get you started

    once you get hooked - be prepared for big spending as you will lust after better kit......

    loads of advice on www.britishtriathlon.org or www.triathletes-uk.org or www.tritalk.co.uk

    and keep asking
  • Gear - tons of it

    Cost - sh!t loads
  • Actually £500 for a reasonably OK bike and £150 - £250 for a wetsuit, and about £100 - £150 for bits and pieces like a bike helmet and tri-suit.

    Tri and Run do a good range of starter kits with all you need in one package offer.
  • Just boinged thread 'Buying a bike for Triathlon' there is some good info and other links there.
  • Definitely go for it YB. Its great fun and I would say you could get away with a budget of 10 grand for the first two years if you are careful.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    LOL Rich
  • triUK is great - if you ever get a day off drive down to yeovil to their warehouse shop thing - its like an aladins cave and a sweetshop all rolled into one
  • Thanks everyone - general view seems to be have a go and expect to spend a lot of money

    I will have a go!
  • Its not necessarily a lot of money, £1000 may seem a lot but compared to most other sports, fishing, golf, supporting your local footy club etc its not a great deal.

    You get tremendous returns in enjoyment, motivation, fitness etc. Also once youve made the initial outlay its not super expensive unless you secumb to wanting all the nice faster, newer kit thats always available. Its hard to resist though.

  • And be careful what you say around Candy or you'll be doing Ironman USA next year.
  • candy

    the out-laws live in Wellington so not far from Yeovil so I will pop in to the TriUk shop next team I am down there - are the directions on the website?
  • they are
  • Thanks all.

    I may get over to Woodhall Spa on Sunday to watch the tri as I live locally, so will no doubt be bitten by the bug.

    May see some of you there if you are taking part.
  • Hi Yellow Belly,

    If you are wanting to buy a bike, check out the thread that Carl boinged as they gave me some great advice in there. But...I got bitten by the bug at my first triahlon about a month ago. Not sure from the name if you are boy or girl, but my girl friends and I were all doing our first triathlon and panicking about what to wear. Swim suit not a good move because no support - but I wore tight running shorts and a running bra crop top. Bascially, much as you stress before hand, you dont really notice what you are wearing when it starts. And we all decided that as it was our first one, we didnt want to spend loads of money on a tri suit that we might not use again. However, we have discovered that it is adictive and money is now being spent....

    Good luck and enjoy it!
  • Thanks Jewels

    for the record I am a boy!
  • Not too worried about support provided by tops then!
  • lol - Nice thought though...
  • SeelaSeela ✭✭✭
    If you want to try a tri really cheaply all you need is to
    Blag a bike off a friend. Racing bike if you can get one or hybrid.
    Buy some swimming goggles
    Get for tri-shorts.
    Total outlay should be less that £50!

    The if you like it you can splash out on some better kit.
  • That reminds me - the post must be losing stuff again. I still haven't heard from 220 that I've won that starter kit from last month...
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