I know I'm the 1000th person to ask, but...



  • How did the race go James? I just did the same thing... Same symptoms... Similar race time pressures... Do-able?
  • Hello,


    I don't know if anyone still reads this thread, but it has been really helpful. If anyone has any help they could offer me or advice, I would be really grateful...

    I think I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago. Self-inflicted - I stood on tip-toes, lent over to the right for 2 hours (at a gig...I am short and couldn't see!). 2 days later I went for a run and 3 miles in had searing pain in sole of foot and from ankle along outside of my foot (where ligaments are). I literally could not weight bear for 3 days, but have since slowly improved and can now walk, albeit with a bit of a limp.

    I have no pain for the majority of the time, but if I stand for a long time or walk for more than 20 minutes, it gets sore along the right side of my foot. My ankle doesn't feel very stable and feels like it turns out (away from body) as I take each step. There is some discomfort and general ache in the ankle area also.

    I am DESPERATE to get back out running but am fearful of injuring it further. I tried a little run this week, 3 miles, but it was quite painful after. I sit with my foot raised when possible. I am using a band to do extension exercises and using a wobble board once per day (for the last 4 days).

    When can I try to run? Do I wait for it to be ok to walk on first? 


    Thank you for any help! 

  • I sort of sprain my ankle in the dark street of uk, in combination of absent of street light in certain section, cobble stone, pacing 2 girls from behind, watching the padestrian from front. I stepped into an uneven path and kinda sprain my ankle a little.. I go on and complete my 6 miles run, did not feel much discomfort but definitely different on my ankle,

     my ankle is slight swollen today, no pain but feels that i need rest.. wondering how long it would take.


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