training frequency

I have only ever done sprint and olympic distance tris before, but I am tempted to try a half-ironman distance tri next year. Currently I am doing 15 hours training a week. Is this enough to sucessfully complete a half ironman?


  • piece of cake
  • Yes id say more than enough, most of the people I know on here that are training for an Ironman are not doing a great deal over 15 hours a week maybe even less. Over the last 3 months ive only averaged about 10 hours a week overall.
  • Why dont you go the whole hog and do an Ironman.

    Andy - surely you missed an opportunity to invite T2004 to Lake Placcid lol.
  • he's right - oly's under your belt and 15 hours a week will see you through an ironman no probs - see the IM outing 2005 thread - come to lake placid
  • at 15 hrs a week you might put others to shame
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