Is this bike worth £500

Claud Butler Urban 200, shimano 7 speed gears, ani compression, handmade italian seat... wheels can be changed to tri wheels, and he says he'll throw in the tri handlebars for nothing... any experts out there can help?


  • Is this a new or second hand bike, and (if you are new to tri), are you sure that you want to spend this amount on a bike?
    Personally, I found a bargain peugeout bike at my local auction centre, but it did take a lot of trips down there to find a bike that I was happy with.
  • what distances are you looking at riding? if you are looking at going 50 miles + ten comfort and fit is important. you should try it. regarding price, dunno, but can't you do a google search to price up the components?
  • i just looked on and found a new one for £230... add £100 for the aero bars and it would appear that you are being ripped off big time
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    Well it's a sort of hybrid isn't it ? So not the sort of thing most people would do a tri on. Not to say you couldn't, but if you were buying a bike to ride fast on on the road it's not what I'd buy.

    Also did a google search and found that

    Is it the same bike for half the price?
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    If you want a cheap new road bike and are in the Midlands try Planet Cycles in Derby.
  • £500 could get you something alot more specific.. I've been looking and its a competitive market.

    The specialized Allez is easliy available for that price and there are some good fincance deals around to be found too!

    depends on what you want it for..
  • No this is not worth £500
    Even with tri bars
    Try cycling plus forum or even ebay
  • Thanks everyone... what I didn't say is that I had already spent £500 - um, sometimes it pays not be impulsive!!!
  • Oops. in that case what a great buy
  • You might want to take a look at a Ridgeback Genesis, the only real difference between one a full-on road bike is that it has flat bars not drop bars.

    Ridgeback Genesis
  • Never mind it'll be OK.
  • Yeah, it's a start... did a few checks and it would appear I've been ripped off! Oh well, it might bring me good luck from now on! And bad luck to the man who sold it to me
  • Thankxxx for that Snicks - good sunny outlook

    I'll go along with that one - give and you shall receive - it really does happen

    and everyone feels SOOOO MUCH BETTER

    I did the Ballbuster duathlon in 1998 on a little Raleigh "Milk Racer" bike from the 80s that I bought a few months before from the local bike shop for £60

    it is a perfect frame size for me, bought a new saddle, a couple of years ago I finally got round to buying panniers (over £60)

    now 6 years down the line I still LOVE my bike - cycle / train to races, took it to Dartmoor last w/end, cycle to work, excellent cross-training

    would like to train for a Tri one day, and will be looking for a "proper" bike then

    GOOD LUCK!!!!
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