prescription goggles

Tried aquthlon in Club La Santa last week for the first time (not having swam for about 20 years).

Wasn't as far behind as I thought I might have been after the (admittedly short) 200m swim, but made up for that by winning prize for longest transition ever! ........ realised I'm too shortsighted to find my trainers without my glasses! Duh!!!!

Does anyone know if you can get prescription goggles made up, and where?

Many thanks



  • You definately can, I have a friend who has them. Will find out where he got them.
  • Any good optician will do them or at least be able to order them for you.

  • My Mum got her's made up at her normal optician, and it was surprisingly cheap. I'd ask yours for info if I were you.

    Or swim in your contacts if you wear them, I do and it's always fine.
  • Thanks, won't contacts fall out then Dr Nic?

    I was always told that .... never tried swimming in them (except backstroke).

  • reason why they would!
  • What - do you wear lenses without goggles, Nic?
  • Nooooo...I wear normal goggles and my contacts.
  • that's what I thought.

  • I guess contacts with goggles is ok (I didn't bother wearing goggles last time - only 200m). I was always told lenses can get infected / damaged by chlorine if you swim in them.

  • I'd always wear goggles no matter the distance.

    I'm not sure about the chlorine thing, I wear mine every swim session which sometimes means 5 or 6x 90 min sessions a week, and they're OK (they are monthly disposables, though, but I am very bad at cleaning them!)
  • Yeah, I think its probably a 'theoretical' risk of infection, but if you wear disposables (& I wear daily disposables) not that likely - I can just chuck em after swimming.

    Thanks for that.

    I just need to work out how to swim properly now!

  • Yeah, definitely wear them, then!

    Swimming will probably feel much easier when you can see!
  • I use daily disposables and swim regularly, and play waterpolo (without goggles) all the time in them, never had a problem. Optician says it's fine, especially as i chuck the contacts every night.
    Another option if you are worried is to keep your previous days pair in saline in a case and swap them to swim, then pop the newer pair back in after your swim. This is handy if you are swimming at lunchtime or in the morning and have to wear your lenses for the rest of the day, especially in a pool with lots of chlorine, as most eyewashes (eg optrex) aren't compatible with lenses.
  • my wife (exceptionally short sighted - lucky for me) got hers from . She can now see how much I mess about in the pool.
  • Specsavers do them.
  • Try Optilabs

    I used them for Prescription Running Glasses but they also do swimming goggles. They seem to be the best value.


  • yup.. i bought my wife some from specsavers (which involved secretly locating and 'borrowing' her prescription)

    not the sleekest best featured goggles... but they seem to work (i.e. she has one less excuse for acosting strange men in the pool)
  • I got mine from Specsavers and was really happy with them. I do tend to swim with contacts now though. With normal goggles!
  • Ha ha Ed-m.

    I'm so blind I once had to be helped back to the lockers (because I couldn't find mine) after a swim.

    Thanks for all the advice though, will look into these options.

  • My local asda has an optician that sells them.(warrington)
    Only downside is they scratch v easily so handle with care! I've ended up scratching mine to hell.
  • I have got a pair of Keiffer goggles. They cost about £19 fron the swimshop. You just phone up with your prescription and order over the phone. They are very good and don't leak at all, however, they are starting to get a bit cloudy after being in the sea a few times.
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