Sunday Session

I must one of the few not racing today

What: 9 miles easy
Why: Latest day of 1/2 m programme
Last Hard: Thursday
Last Rest: Yesterday (too hungover from Friday to do yesterday's session)



  • A 2nd "Sunday session" thread for today!

    OK RW - there's an interesting one for your techies to solve! 2 users are simultaneously trying to start a thread on the same subject - can you "serialize" access so that only one succeeds and the other has to wait until it's created - and then join it? ;-)

    Actually, there is a semi-serious point here - I'll raise it on the "bugs" forum.
  • I'm not racing today,

    What: 2hr [16m+] training run
    Why: Build up for 1/2 marathon
    Last Hard: Sat
    Last Rest: Fri
    This afternoon: European Athletics Marathon & to chear on our relay boy's.
  • Coco-CatCoco-Cat ✭✭✭
    What: 6 mile 'long' run
    Why: to increase my mileage for Robin Hood half
    Last hard day: yesterday (speedwork)
    Last rest day: Friday
  • What: Ran Darlington 10k
    Result: Bettered PB by neraly 5 mins - Time = 48:22 - Over the moon

    Last rest day: Saturday
    Last Hard day: Today

  • Well done Will!

    What: 2 miles (still on beginners schedule) in 20 mins - only one walking break
    Why: Liverpool Corporate Cup training (5K)
    Last Rest day: Saturday
    Last hard Day: Friday

  • Will, awesome job, that is fantastic.

    What: 22 mile bike
    Why: Was going to run today and bike yesterday but swapped them round because the weather was pants in Notts yesterday.
    Days since last hard run: yesterday
    Days since last rest: friday

    A little spent after yesterdays run so just rode a shorter loop, got into a groove on the return section and rode a 20.2 mph average overall. Glad it's a day off tomorrow :-)

  • Good run Will :-)


    AM - 1750m swim
    PM - 14.1 mile steady run in 1:39
    Why: Long run day
    Days since last hard - Thursday
    Days since last rest - Last Sunday

    Wanted to do a longer run of around 18 miles but got dehydrated and so had to come home early. I usually run with a drink, and now I remember why.

  • Wow Ironman, you are truly made of iron.

    Well done Will, 5 mins off a PB is a very clever thing.

    Me, was going to do a fast 4 miler when I got up this morning but do you know what - I just couldn't be bothered so I didn't. Might do some yoga later when I've sobered up from a rather boozy Sunday lunch. I'll have to fit in the 4 miles tomorrow - I'm being a rather lazy dog at the moment...
  • UltracatUltracat ✭✭✭
    What: Very tough 10k race, not sure what was toughest the hills or the mud. First time I've been handed a bottle of Stella after a race.

    Why: build up to half marathon, and for the challenge!!!

    Days since last rest day, thursday, but had a easy day yesterday.

    Well done to Will for getting a PB. My time today was slow but I ran the whole way.

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Great improvement Will, 5 minutes improvement is awesome.

    MM, how do you manage to ride your bike so fast?

    What: 10 mile race, see race report
    Why: I'm still trying to find a reason
    Last rest day: Thursday
    Last hard day: today
  • Drew

    you can pretty much be sure of obtaining whatever average you desire on the bike by just ensuring your bike computer is 'correctly' calibrated before setting out :-) !!!

    Seriously though, usually the guys I ride with come back with a substantially faster average than me because they pause their computers every time we have to slow for traffic/lights etc whereas I just let mine run for the whole distance. Must admit I'm starting to feel like I'm getting back to the biking fitness I used to have when I was living and training in Texas. The ride today was a solo effort so I was fairly pleased with that. We'll see if it makes any difference to running fitness on Wednesday (final race of Notts AAA Summer League Series, hoping to get into the top 50 in this one, we'll see).

    Your opener to the race report is priceless, I was laughing hard, replied on that thread.

    All the best
  • Yeeehah!

    Felt so bad and lazy after my earlier post that after I fed the kids their supper I went out on that fast 4 miler after all - and shaved a minute off my PB - 33 mins. Very pleased with myself. Don't know whether it's my new New Balance shoes or the fact that usually I run on empty, first thing in the morning.

    Now I'm off to read Drew opener to his race report - I like a laugh, me.
  • This is the first time I've done this so here goes...

    What: long slow run of 1hr 50
    Why: training for Great South Run
    Last hard day: Thurs
    Last rest day: yesterday (if you count decorating as rest!)

    PS Well done Wii on the PB!
  • What: 90 minute 'steady' run
    Why: RW 1/2 M schedule says so
    Last run: Thursday
    Last rest day: Saturday

    More like 90min easy though as I'm in Boston. Got out early to beat the heat and ran along the river - v. nice. But I don't think jet lag, heat and lack of water really helped keep the pace up!
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