Any one else know they haven't got in?

I checked my bank account no money has gone out and I didn't bequeath I assume I haven't got a place.Any one else?Commiserations to you.


  • Don't forget how many cheques they have to process, maybe they haven't got to yours yet. Don't lose hope just yet!
  • Thanks for that Hilly,perhaps I am being premature.Oh well back to twiddling my thumbs like everyone else.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Anyone know which bank FLM use? - it can make a difference as to how long it takes for the cheque to clear, especially if you "bank" with a building society. That's what I'm pinning my hopes on anyway!
  • Between 25 and 30 of us entered and not one of us has heard a thing yet. You would have thought that one of us might have got in, so we are still hoping.
  • Neither my cheque (Tony) or my partner (Lizzie's) has been cashed. We didn't bequeath either.

    Not looking good! Never mind we have our bond places so training continues!!!
  • My cheque hasn't cashed yet either. So I presume I am not in. Mr SG hasn't checked his bank yet so I don't know about him.
  • can't wait for the bank statement ..hoping & praying i'm i.m not though there anyone out there knows they cheque has been cashed ?
  • My cheque has been cashed but I bequeathed so I'm still non the wiser! The waiting is excruciating.
  • Some people have said on other threads that it is done by postcode (yet another theory!) so do not dispare you may be next in the queue!

    If anyone is interested my cheque has been cashed but I have to wait till December and my postcode is Swindon. My sister lives in Bedford and I don't think she has heard yet.
  • No she hasn't!
  • From other threads if your cheque has cleared and you didn't bequeth your in.
    If you did bequeth your cheque has been cashed but you will still have to wait until December to find out.
  • Something round here don't quite add up?

    I read a few posts back (hilly I think) who in replying to another post said that they should'nt worry if they did'nt bequeth and cheque wasn't cashed as they may be in the next batch to be processed?
    If thats so how come a few have had there cheques cashed and didn't bequeth(obviously in through the ballot you would think).

    Iether the ballot has been done and no cheque cashed (non bequether)= not in.

    or it has been part done say Regionally,

    now im totaly confused.???????????

    ps I bequethed, cheque cashed= who knows?


  • Still no cheque cashed. Looks like I'm out of luck. Just need to hope my slimming world entry gets accepted.
  • Unfortunately not cashed yet, but I know other people in Bristol who have got in
  • Not cashed either. I'm expecting to be in Paris the 6th of April, and watching the runners in London on the 13th.
    Can I still come to this forum if FLM is not my marathon? I'll be running one just 1 week earlier!
  • cashed but bequeathed.getting close to calling the charities...
  • I think iam in they have cashed my cheque no written conformation yet (fingers crossed)
  • Richard

    £27 if not affiliated.
  • my girlfriends cheque was cashed three weeks after my cheque last year, both bank with the same bank but diffrent branches , her surnasme begins with w and mine r , we both live in the same post code so who knows , ps I am in again this year , girlfriend still waiting to find out
  • yet again, my cheque's not cashed, so third time unlucky - if it's not by now, you're not in.

    Sod it though, there's plenty more fish to be fried - try Paris on 6th April - no ballot there, a wonderful city, have a great w/e eating and drinking and taking in the sights.
  • No cheque cashed again so I guess I can forget it now as they are usually cashed by now. Mr SG has not checked his. I just hope slimming world come through with an entry for me.
  • Mine's not been cashed... so that's that then! Still determined to do a marathon next year though.. question is, which one??
  • Michelle- PARIS! Well that's my decision. But I won't register until I have official confirmation.
  • does anyone know when the registration for the paris run closes. i'd like to try and enter if my FLM entry fails (waiting 'til December)
  • Kwall, are you gonna make your own arrangements for Paris, (flight/accomm. etc) or go through one of the travel firms who arrange it all for you?
  • Travel firm, definitely. The Leisure Pursuits people (advertised on the side of the page)
    do it. I even have a friend who will be living in Paris then, but I think it will make life easier, especially since my French isn't up to par!
    Also because it will be my first marathon and I don't think I'll be too sociable to non-running people, especially as they will probably want me to drink...
    But it just sounds much easier. They use Eurostar, set you up in a hotel and get you to the start line. I think it's a good deal.
    I think you have to register on your own though. I don't remember that part though (I checked it out in September or so, I' m so optimistic)
  • Don't give up yet. Just found out my cheque was cashed on 8th Nov
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Cheers Gormless, I had all but given up hope.

    Maybe North of Scotland is the last batch to get banked <crosses fingers, toes, legs, eyes......>
  • Thanks Kwall.. Thanks to you to Gormless.. Like Nessie, I've all but given up hope. When are we told officially? Is it the beginning of December?
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